Will YOUniversity

Will YOUniversity educates people about empowerment, care, willpower, intuition, and joy.

Learn to know and advocate for yourself. Inspire yourself, your community, and your world.

Live and lead life joyfully, be fulfilled, and leave this world without regret.

Knoxville, TN: Sat Jan. 28 – Sun Jan 29, 10a-4p
2-Day Women’s Retreat: Heal & Feel Sexy
Designed for but not limited to cisgen, hetero women.
Eliminate stress and anxiety with real techniques to acknowledge, accept and allow your emotions to transform. Get comfy in your own skin. Yes, you can! 
Saturday: Connection, Stories & Techniques
Sunday: Nature experience, Emotional Release & Wild Women Walk
Lunch includes veggie & gf options.


$475 p/p/day or $875 total both days, includes lunch.
Limited to five participants.
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Knoxville, TN: Sat Feb. 4, 10a-4p
Men’s Retreat: Be Respected by Powerful Women
Designed for but not limited to cisgen, hetero men.
Masculinity & Power in a Rapidly-Changing Society
Respect Looks Different
Three Legged Race; Horseshoes
Do Less; Be More
The Sexiest & Most Expensive Aphrodisiac


$475 p/p, limit 5 participants, includes lunch.
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