The Soul & Bliss

What is a soul?

The soul is an energetic representation of our individual traits. It is our energetic fingerprint, an impression of our unique characteristics. It’s what makes us different from somebody else. It is an indelible part of who we are, and does not die when the body dies. Some unique soul characteristics may include gifts such as natural abilities in mathematics, music, art, or another talent. Individual souls are also “flavored” by each person’s personality and interests, as well as genetic tendencies—physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Our souls also represent our level of conscious wisdom.

What are soul issues?

The following example can help us clarify: a soul issue, how its affects us and others, how to overcome them, and how to increase our soul’s wisdom.

For example, a person may have a trait of being extremely charitable. Although being charitable may seem wise, this person may carry an underlying soul issue of guilt. That guilt drives their tendency to give. They give as a means of relief from their guilt, so they are really giving a gift to themself. A Will You client once called this type of charity a type of “get out of guilt jail free” card. This kind of giving is unwise.

The soul is always seeking more wisdom. This person may be presented with numerous opportunities during their lifetime to learn more about themself, forgive themself and transform their lifestyle. Those are the soul lessons—the lessons needed to gain more wisdom. By learning these lessons, behaviors will no longer result in guilt. When the guilt is gone, charity may be given wisely—with a clean conscience and an open heart.

Soul issues provide an opportunity to transform ourself by learning our lessons. These issues and their corresponding lessons are usually about things that we are not conscious about—or aware we need to learn. So, life gives us opportunities to learn by trial, error, and crisis, also known as the hard way.

Alternatively, we may choose to pro-actively learn our lessons through personal growth, which is what we do at Will You. This process is sometimes called a “soul journey.” By taking our individual journey, we can relieve or alleviate struggle, pain, and years of stuck, dramatic cycles.

What is soul growth (also called personal growth)?

Each time we overcome a soul issue and learn our lesson, we become wiser. Our perspective and life shifts. Our consciousness is raised, and we are more aware of our self and all else. This raised consciousness is reflected in our soul, and this wisdom remains in the soul after the body is gone. The lessons are deposited in our “soul account,” and we become indefinitely wiser and richer.

What is bliss?

Bliss is heaven, and it is attainable. It is a state of being joy-and-wonder-filled. It is a vibrant, active, yet neutral state of intense awareness of the incredible nature of life. It can be experienced through observation. And by taking inspired action to do what’s best–be it bold or quiet. By making choices that inspire, nurture and support the whole of us (not only our tongue, eyes or extremities) we can experience bliss–a heavenly balance of our being and body.

Bliss involves learning our deep yearnings and allowing ourself to experience them. Sometimes, we walk through fear with courage that we did not know was possible. This too, can be bliss.