Stop Seeking Validation!

Do we seek validation by asking other people questions like, “How do I look in these jeans?” Or, “What should I do?” In today’s article, we’ll discuss why we seek validation from others, and alternatives that allow us to feel better and reach our higher potential.

Truth or Snare PART 3: Should You Speak Your Truth?

Today’s article is for those of us who know our truth, yet have difficulty saying it, or don’t say it at all. May some of the things presented today inspire and encourage you to be courageous on your own behalf, and take the next best steps towards the life and truth you wish to live.

Truth or Snare PART 2: Is What You Believe True?

Beliefs can seem like they define us, like they make us who we are. We might say, I AM a Republican, I AM a scientist, I AM a wife, or I AM a certain religion, when actually, we just choose (consciously or unconsciously) to believe or experience these things.

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Truth or Snare PART 1: Do You Know Your truth?

If you know your truth, do you honor it or ignore it, speak it or stuff it? And how might this affect you and your family? The detrimental results of untruths include: low self-esteem, unfulfilling relationships, heartbreak, family problems, and more. It would seem that truth-telling would be a better and healthier solution. So why does it seem so difficult?


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