Stop Seeking Validation!

Do we seek validation by asking other people questions like, “How do I look in these jeans?” Or, “What should I do?” In today’s article, we’ll discuss why we seek validation from others, and alternatives that allow us to feel better and reach our higher potential.

Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Whose life is it anyway? It’s our choice, our life, not somebody else’s. Why would we look to others to stand up for us or what we want? Maybe we’re afraid and think we’re not strong enough. Or, maybe we think we don’t deserve to be or get what we want. Rather than hoping or expecting that others will stand up for us (aka “make us happy”) we owe it to ourself to stand up for us, by means of making happy, healthy choices.

Truth or Snare PART 2: Is What You Believe True?

Beliefs can seem like they define us, like they make us who we are. We might say, I AM a Republican, I AM a scientist, I AM a wife, or I AM a certain religion, when actually, we just choose (consciously or unconsciously) to believe or experience these things.

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