Mother-Love is More than Mom

Sometimes, we may seek more love or a different kind of love from our mother than she can give. In today’s article, we’ll gently look at ways to allow ourself to receive a satisfying love that makes us feel nurtured and whole from within, without seeking it from our mom.

A Walk with Cat Fantastic

Today’s article shares stories and lessons from my kitty-cat, Caviar. I’ve met a lot of people who either have negative thoughts about cats, or don’t know much about them. Even my Cuban brother, Angel, came from a cultural upbringing that defined black cats as bad luck. However, his cultural prejudice did a 180 after he came to live with me and my black cat, Caviar.

Love is in the Little Things

One sunny, summer afternoon, Lady Jane shared her dearest motto—the key to her success. “You know,” she said, “I may be certain of only one thing... that little things mean everything. The little things are really big things.” How true! Whether it’s being a powerful woman, creating joyful relationships, leading a business, writing a novel, or building willpower...

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Truth or Snare PART 3: Should You Speak Your Truth?

Today’s article is for those of us who know our truth, yet have difficulty saying it, or don’t say it at all. May some of the things presented today inspire and encourage you to be courageous on your own behalf, and take the next best steps towards the life and truth you wish to live.

Truth or Snare PART 1: Do You Know Your truth?

If you know your truth, do you honor it or ignore it, speak it or stuff it? And how might this affect you and your family? The detrimental results of untruths include: low self-esteem, unfulfilling relationships, heartbreak, family problems, and more. It would seem that truth-telling would be a better and healthier solution. So why does it seem so difficult?

Fairytale Logic

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, fairytales can linger within us and affect the way we see ourself and others. Whether we envision being “saved” like “sweet” Cinderella, being “rich” and “powerful” like Prince Charming, or being a villainous, sinister, puppy-mill-monster like Cruella DeVille, what we take from these characters and stories may impact us more than we know. In today’s article, we’ll ferret out our own “fairytale logic” and consider whether it brings us closer or farther from living our very own “happily ever after.”

Pretend Love or True Love?

Today’s article explores the surface of superficial relationships, their common beginnings and endings, and ways we can move towards genuine connections. We’ll also discover what type of love we are currently in, and how to be true to ourself.

Do You Abandon Yourself for “Love”?

During Valentine’s week, our hope for human love may reach unparalleled heights. We may want love so much, that we might abandon what we know is actually best for us. In my work inspiring myself and others to kick harmful habits to the curb, I’ve seen powerful life changes happen when we refuse to abandon our best self for love. In today’s article, we’ll look at ways we can always “be there” for our best self, and never feel abandoned again.

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