Personal Growth Through Nature – Part 12: Immersion Therapy

The word immersion describes an experience of letting go of our limited perception of our “everyday” life, self and problems, and experiencing something different, better and/or more profound.

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Personal Growth Through Nature – Part 10: Allowing Joy

Can we allow joy when our to-do list is long? Are we too sick or frustrated to experience joy? To explore these answers and allow more joy into our life, read on…

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How to Enjoy Life More

Most of us come into this world with an intrinsic ability to have fun. We can see it when we watch kids play with water and just about anything. If somewhere along adulthood we fell out of love with life, this article offers lighthearted ways for us to enjoy life more.

4 Steps to Authenticity

When we’re aware of our thoughts, feelings and needs, we can speak and act on our own behalf. That’s authenticity. And when we’re authentic, we reap rewards like: joy “just because,” increased ability to focus, reduced stress, greater wellbeing, more energy, feelings of contentment, passion, resolve, connectivity with life, and strength within our self, soul and relationships.

Fairytale Logic

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, fairytales can linger within us and affect the way we see ourself and others. Whether we envision being “saved” like “sweet” Cinderella, being “rich” and “powerful” like Prince Charming, or being a villainous, sinister, puppy-mill-monster like Cruella DeVille, what we take from these characters and stories may impact us more than we know. In today’s article, we’ll ferret out our own “fairytale logic” and consider whether it brings us closer or farther from living our very own “happily ever after.”

Do You Abandon Yourself for “Love”?

During Valentine’s week, our hope for human love may reach unparalleled heights. We may want love so much, that we might abandon what we know is actually best for us. In my work inspiring myself and others to kick harmful habits to the curb, I’ve seen powerful life changes happen when we refuse to abandon our best self for love. In today’s article, we’ll look at ways we can always “be there” for our best self, and never feel abandoned again.

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Forgiving Life (God)

Today’s article is about forgiving Life and God and freeing ourself from the anger and pain that go along with holding a grudge. Whether forgiveness is a new concept or has been considered for some time, the tips and stories shared here are intended to allow it to happen sooner rather than later.

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Stress Blocks Intuition

Like the sound of static while trying to tune in to a radio station, stress is the static that blocks our ability to clearly receive intuitive messages. When we allow thoughts of worry or fear to inundate our mind, and feelings of inadequacy or doubt to fill our bodies, we say to intuition, “I got this. I’m doing everything I can. I’m working on this situation by stressing. I don’t need your help. I’m busy.”


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