Are You Clairalient?

Can you “smell” when something is “off,” like spoiled milk, even when the due date says it’s fine? Can you smell the scent or perfume of a person, long before they arrive in front of you? If so, you may experience a type of intuitive, extrasensory perception, called both clairescence and clairailience!

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Are You Clairaudient?

Are you sensitive to sounds? Do you sometimes hear what people will say, moments before they speak those exact words? Do you hear intuitive messages in your mind—that may have opposed your logic? Do you hear layers of sound, like the hum of a refrigerator, under the swooping sound of ceiling fan blades spinning, under the chirping of birds outside, under the gripping of a car’s rubber tires on pavement, under the music or tv show, under the talking of another person, under the sound of your own thoughts? If so, you may experience a type of intuitive, extrasensory perception called clairaudience!

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Are You Clairsentient?

Have you ever walked into a room after it held an argument between two people, and physically felt the energetic tension that remained? Have you ever “known” things by means of feeling the truths, even if those truths were not spoken, and opposed your own logic? If so, you may experience a type of intuitive, extrasensory perception called clairsentience!

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Intuition: A Source of Connection

What does the word intuition mean to you? Does it sound weird, wacko, out-of-touch, interesting, exciting, scary? In today’s article, we’ll discusses intuition as a source of connection to truth and all the answers we may seek.

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4 Steps to Authenticity

When we’re aware of our thoughts, feelings and needs, we can speak and act on our own behalf. That’s authenticity. And when we’re authentic, we reap rewards like: joy “just because,” increased ability to focus, reduced stress, greater wellbeing, more energy, feelings of contentment, passion, resolve, connectivity with life, and strength within our self, soul and relationships.

Develop Dialogue with Intuition

Like many of us, I’ve blocked myself from receiving intuitive guidance. My old way of communicating was to only communicate with Life/God after I had applied lots of effort and strain to do everything myself, and I was at my “wit’s end.” I kept expecting to receive more intuitive information, but I didn’t know that I wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation. The communication goes both ways. As the old passage reads, “Ask and you shall receive.”

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