Letting Go to Receive Guidance

To clearly experience intuitive guidance, we need to be free and open to receive. Just as we may drop our house keys when our hands are full of grocery bags, likewise, we may drop or miss key intuitive messages when our mind is full of tasks, topics and to-do lists. In today’s article, we’ll share five tips to let go and be open to receive intuitive guidance.

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Develop Dialogue with Intuition

Like many of us, I’ve blocked myself from receiving intuitive guidance. My old way of communicating was to only communicate with Life/God after I had applied lots of effort and strain to do everything myself, and I was at my “wit’s end.” I kept expecting to receive more intuitive information, but I didn’t know that I wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation. The communication goes both ways. As the old passage reads, “Ask and you shall receive.”

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