Receiving Life’s Gifts

Receiving can be challenging! Through my work inspiring and encouraging people to be fulfilled in healthy ways and kick their dead-end habits to the curb, I’ve seen the rise of resistance and irritation within people when they are presented with any gift, such as a compliment, care, or kindness that they feel they do not deserve. I’ve also seen the sheer relief and delight in those very same people who learned to allow themself to receive.

Forgiving Life (God)

Today’s article is about forgiving Life and God and freeing ourself from the anger and pain that go along with holding a grudge. Whether forgiveness is a new concept or has been considered for some time, the tips and stories shared here are intended to allow it to happen sooner rather than later.

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Forgiving Ourself

We’ve all done something that we know we shouldn’t have at some point. By turning away from what was best and substituting a quick fix with a sexy someone, a line of powder, a bag of Cheetos, a “quick drink,” or another chance to “hit the big one,” we are left with the icky, acrid aftertaste of regret. Instead of dwelling on the pain and shame, let’s explore why we haven’t forgiven ourselves, how this affects us, and what we can do to transform our unforgiveness into freedom.

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Forgiving Others

In working with people to become empowered and make healthy choices, I have found that the biggest blocks to success are unforgiveness (of others, self, and/or Life/God) and belief in unworthiness. In today’s article, we’ll take a fresh look at “forgiving others” that can empower us to enjoy life more fully and “lighten our load!”


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