6 Signs of Emotional Sabotage

Emotional sabotage refers to thoughts, actions, and relationships that sabotage the inclusion and healthy expression of our full range of our emotions. If we have relationships where our true emotions are not welcome, if we don’t accept all our emotions, or if we try to stuff, drown, or escape our emotions with unhealthy habits, this article is for us.

Know How You Feel

The way we respond to the question “how do you feel” reflects the state of our soul. If we respond with a superficial and meaningless “Fine,” if we respond before we actually know how we feel, if we respond in a way that is opposite of our truth, if we resist the question, resist replying, resist knowing how we feel (or we know someone like this), this article is for us.

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When in Doubt

Some days are grey. Cloudy. Foggy. Misty. We can’t see into the distance or over the horizon. Looking out onto these days can reignite the mystery within, reminding us that there is always more that we don’t know. It can remind us to slow down and get curious before moving forward.

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