A Walk with Cat Fantastic

Today’s article shares stories and lessons from my kitty-cat, Caviar. I’ve met a lot of people who either have negative thoughts about cats, or don’t know much about them. Even my Cuban brother, Angel, came from a cultural upbringing that defined black cats as bad luck. However, his cultural prejudice did a 180 after he came to live with me and my black cat, Caviar.

Love is in the Little Things

One sunny, summer afternoon, Lady Jane shared her dearest motto—the key to her success. “You know,” she said, “I may be certain of only one thing... that little things mean everything. The little things are really big things.” How true! Whether it’s being a powerful woman, creating joyful relationships, leading a business, writing a novel, or building willpower...

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Empower Yourself with Kindness

If you kindly take a backseat to everyone else, this article is for you! Although self-sacrifice has its place in times of crisis, a life lived without regular regard and support for what’s best for us can lead to unfulfilled dreams, misery, and escapism through addictive behaviors. Instead of sacrificing ourself, if we foster more joy within—through kindness, we’ll not only experience the kindness, but it will also radiate onto everyone and everything in our world. In today’s article, we’ll look at ways for us to become a beacon of kindness.


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