Our Services

Four types of mentoring conversations are available for booking:

1. An initial Welcome Meeting
2. Navigations
3. Transformations
4. Long-term Mentorship

Below, you may read more about each and see stories of people who utilize these services. Client relationships shown here are longstanding, and range between two and twenty years.

1. Welcome Meeting

30 minutes, Free Gift

We’ll meet by phone or Zoom for thirty minutes and see if we’re a complementary and synergistic team. If you open yourself to new possibilities, you may see your self, life and/or business differently, giving you options to make life easier, brighter and more fulfilling.


3. Transform: You, Your Life & Business

One Meeting 2 consecutive hours, $444

Strengthen your walk down the path of potential success, joy and love. All too often, we dream of the life we want, how we want to be and feel, while also sabotaging our dream with our unconscious thoughts and actions. Open yourself to uncover and master you, and your circumstances will change. Tap your inner guidance and apply it to yourself and life. Angelique’s honesty and inner-wisdom shine a light on new ways to see and champion yourself and/or your business. Be open and willing to: learn, apply your lessons and be accountable to share what you’ve experienced as a result.

*The meaning of the number 444 invites us to build a strong and stable foundation by finding and walking our truth in trust and faith. It reminds us that we’re never alone–we can lean on inner wisdom, spiritual guidance and wise souls to transform our world. We’re not meant to do this alone.

 Transform Once 


Meet for 2 consecutive hours, twice per month $800/month (save $88/mo.)

Every two weeks, we’ll meet by phone or Zoom for two hours. By meeting regularly, you’ll begin to bring your state of mind and state of being to the forefront of your experience. You’ll see how vital this is to the life you want. By committing to seeing, learning and applying lessons you learn, you’ll transform those lessons into wisdom–they become part of who you are (never to be a pattern of cyclical drama again).

*The meaning of the number 800 reminds us that we are abundantly supported (“fertilized”) and helped to manifest our dreams into reality by people, places, things and the spiritual realm. This number calls us to release worries to God for healing and manifestation.


People Who Transform with Angelique


Wine Buyer


School Counselor, Retired


Artist & Engineer

4. Mentorship

Meet four times per month $5k/mo. with minimum commitment of 5 months

Mentoring is like Miracle-Grow(R) for the soul. Your soul will be fertilized by our attention, care and focus on who you are and what you want in life and business. Your growth and progress will increase.

Four meetings per month: one virtual meeting per week (1-2 hours as needed) and one in-person, advanced meeting per month at various locations (when available, or advanced virtual training). This is an opportunity to have a partner in Angelique, to develop your discernment in self, life and others. A partner to implement your goals and growth. Mentorship is an opportunity for you to be your best, brightest, most joyful self, and create a life that reflects the same. You’ll clarify your character, which radiates your power and magnetizes harmony, success and love. Learn to hone your abilities to intuit and manifest. Learn to see and interpret the signs from life. Learn to trust Life and go with the flow towards your greatest success and joy … both personally and professionally.

Subscribe NOW, the number of spaces available for this level of commitment from Angelique is very limited. Or, apply to be on the waiting list.

*The meaning of the number 5,000 invites us to be present and embrace changes in life. It invites us to pay attention, to become aware and take advantage of opportunities that are right in front of us that will help us gain a higher perspective, allowing ease in growth and success. This number brings good news that things are changing and working out for the better.


People Who Mentor with Angelique

John Majors

Former Head Coach, University of Tennessee


Child Advocate

Dr. Chris Talley

Owner, Healthsource of Knoxville


Our Booking Policy

Please note that sliding scale opportunities are available for people who are truly in need. Angelique makes space for a handful of discounted conversations each month. If you are in need, please click here.

How are fees structured?

The fees on this site are based on Angelique’s experience and client feedback that the value of the service exceeds the cost of service. Industry standard fees for mentoring vary according to the individual providing the service and range from complimentary to 10k per hour and more.

Many people are unfamiliar with the costs associated with this type of personal service. Similar to the cost of some phones, tools, a luxurious meal, spa treatment, designer handbag or splurge purchase, the dollars invested into mentoring services have the power to better one’s self, life, family and business forever.

What you’ll get

When you purchase mentoring services with Angelique, you’ll get 25 years of experience, trust, insight into life, options regarding your situation, and tools, tips and expertise to implement change. The tools, tips and expertise can save you time and stress. Angelique has personally vetted hundreds of books, websites, trainers and healing practices … which she can suggest to you as needed. You may pursue these at your pace, to expedite healing, learning and growth.

You’ll get a confidant who’s committed to care for your soulful journey in life and business. You’ll get a memorable companion who’ll help you see through misperceptions and deception to sharpen your skill set. You’ll get someone who’ll walk alongside you–through a dark night of the soul, a day-in-the-life of you, stuck situations, and highlight the celebrations of your success. You’ll get a mentor who walks her talk and gives you loyalty and respect. You’ll get someone who sees you as powerful and capable, who hears your heart’s desire and encourages you to Say “Yes” to your best and “No” to the rest®.

Click here to learn more about Angelique’s personal and leadership experience.

What you won’t get

Neither a doctor, licensed counselor, nor someone who’ll agree with complaining, complacency, or tell you what to do.