“Take the first step to give it a chance. You’ll know right away. And you’ll be amazed. She has a knack for what she does. It’s real. Honest. Professional. It’s hard to describe her, because it’s wonderful.” client Bob Campbell, retired counselor

Lean on my intuition to clarify your perception and ability to communicate with your own inner guidance, the elements, nature, plants, animals and other people. Create your own safety. Learn to trust yourself and life. Feel at ease as you explore how you feel, what you need, what you want and what’s best for you. Experience peace and acceptance. Heal and love yourself through pain. Free yourself from suffering. Grow courage and conviction. Connect with Life/God. Make wise and joyful choices for you, your business, relationships, home and world. And do it all while you enjoy travel, time in nature, or a call with me. Be happier already.

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John Majors

Former Head Coach, University of Tennessee


Child Advocate

Dr. Chris Talley

Owner, Healthsource of Knoxville

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