You’ve taken the first step, allowing yourself to share, learn and explore your situation with me— someone with experience, who cares about what’s best for you! During our call, I’ll share the key to becoming more receptive to intuition and experiencing the life you want. For me to provide you with the best care, I need to learn more about you. Would you please share some of your thoughts and feelings?


If you’re ready for change, it may not happen in one session (although “miracles” do happen)! Please state the change you would like to see and/or feel in yourself. And any change you would like to notice, see, and feel in your life. These may be more general, overall, longer-term goals, or specific goals. For example, your goal might be, “I want to smile more,” “I want to lose ten pounds,” or, “I want to learn what I can do with this pain” or “I want to feel freer.” Please state your goals as clearly as possible. Also know that it is ok to change your mind.


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What Will Your Coach do for YOU?
Coaches will care about what is in your best and highest good from a big-picture (soul) perspective. Coaches will inspire and encourage you to be your best—which you determine. Coaches will not tell you what to do or assume that you want change. Coaches can be a safe place to share your truth and feel heard. Coaches can accelerate change. If change is desired, you will need to change (as within, so without). This can be discussed. Coaches will be supportive of your very best and your needs (which sometimes aren’t the same), and will offer you confidential, non-judgmental, unconditionally loving support.

What Do Coaches Do?
LISTEN to words and undertones. Ask thought-provoking questions: Open-ended. Open you up
to new possibilities. Motivate, provide accountability, inspire, celebrate accomplishments, help you discover internal and external resources to help yourself. Provide a fresh perspective and focus. Create a commitment. Hold you accountable to do what you say you will do. Be a champion and cheerleader for your best life and self that you love and enjoy!

What will you do? (creative, resourceful and whole people)
You are the expert on yourself. You will set a clear and specific intention before each session and share that with your mentor. If you seek change, you will also set an agenda about what you want to talk about and accomplish (questions below). It is vital that you are honest and open about your issues, wants, fears, etc. so you can get the MOST out of the conversation. Lay it on the table-say, “this is what I want to do but I’m stuck. I’ve tried this, that and the other, but it hasn’t worked, that’s why I called you.” Be willing to look at yourself, be challenged and move forward.

What don’t clients do.
Hire a mentor and expect the mentor to do everything. Expect to get easy answers. Expect change without being willing to do anything different (like hire a weight trainer, not exercise and go home and eat Twinkies).


Counseling is Archaeology (digging up the past), Coaching is Architecture (now is the time that
I invest in myself, discover my options and do what I need to do to move forward and build and/or my business into its most positive state).

Why are clients seeking mentoring over counseling?
This is not a trend. This is a paradigm shift in our society. It is a recognition that there are helpful conversations that are valuable and open us up to a new perspective. Twenty years ago, people only got counseling if they had a mental illness or imbalance. Not today! Now, we seek mentoring or coaching to make life less complicated, more directed and enjoyable.


Mentor and Client: it’s a co-created relationship. Mentors listen then provoke the client to think, feel, intuit and act accordingly. Mentors have higher expectations, give homework, provide challenges.

Counselor and Client: In therapy, counselors create a ‘safe container’ for clients to un/discover how the past has created who they are and deal with that. Counselors have no expectations of the client, no homework for the client and do not hold them accountable for any change.