by Richard Merritt and Claire Scully

“I love ‘explor(ing) The Menagerie—a collection of beautiful, intricately-drawn animals. From a majestic horse and a noble giraffe, to a loveable red panda and an inquisitive rabbit, (I) can bring each glorious picture to life with color.’ This book helped me through the 3-week disappearance of my kitty-cat, Caviar. After much searching for her without success, I was distressed and afraid. Instead of worrying and causing myself further harm, I chose to color an intricate drawing of a robust rabbit. While I colored, I talked to Caviar in my mind, letting her know that this rabbit was for her, and that, although she had “gone down the rabbit hole” for a life adventure, I was lovingly sending prayers and deeply looking forward to her return. The day after I finished coloring the drawing and mounted it on the refrigerator (at her eye level, by her food bowls), she returned—emaciated and sick—but ALIVE!”

—Angelique Medow