Listen to, love and bloom our soul through the guiding light of grief.

This course provides healing techniques, tools and support for all types of grief. Grief may include but is not limited to: the ending of a dream, a hope, an idea of what life would be, the death or loss of a loved one(s), partnerships (personal or business), life as we knew it, togetherness with toxic family, home, health, and/or functionality.

This course is for anyone who may personally experience grief, is supporting someone who is grieving, or who wants to pro-actively care for daily incidences of grief, as they occur. This class is also for caregivers of all sorts, who are grieving for another and/or grieving the loss of their lives and relationships while their partners or clients are living. This may include but not be limited to spouses, family members and nurses for people with: Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Dementia, Disability, Trauma, divorce, death, and more …

We will feel our way into the stages of grief, learn where we are in those stages, and learn how to care for our souls, minds, hearts, bodies and emotions so we may grow in love for ourselves, each other and Life. Some techniques in this class will include but are not limited to: deep listening to ourself and inner guidance, nurturing health and safety, support for the soul, mind, emotions, body, movement, breathing techniques, nature therapy, art therapy, vocal expression, affirmations, journaling, ceremonial release of stuckness, invocation of fire/passion for Life.

Additional and optional follow-up classes and extra-curricular fun outings will also be offered during and after this class is completed, to provide healthy ways to recreate ourselves and grow our lives anew.

The course will run six Fridays, May 10 through June 14, 2024 from 11:45 – 12:45p.m eastern standard time. Choose between the online version of the class and an in-person experience in Knoxville, Tennessee, which includes lunch, group class in healing movements with a ballroom dance expert, and two guided nature walks.

Virtual: $299
In-person: $1,499 (includes awakening connectivity through body movement / dance)

Bonus Options: Add a Grief Journaling Course to learn to read and write about topics that involve feelings, thoughts, and ideas about yourself and life as related to grief.

Join our Zoom Grief Support Group, six Fridays from May 10 through June 14 9:30 – 11:30a. More details and registration here.