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Will You, founded by Angelique Medow, inspires and educates people about empowerment, care, intuition, willpower and joy. We’re a confidential, non-judgmental ally that provides intuitive feedback, tools, purposeful paths and support. We work one-on-one with clients to encourage more enjoyable, meaningful, and successful relationships in their personal and business lives. We have an active, cross-media platform that shares affirmations, success stories, inspirational posts and promotes conversations, connection and love.

Your gift supports the Will-You mission and allows us to offer our services on a sliding scale. 5% of our profits support clean water and old-growth trees around the globe. Thank you!

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About Angelique

Angelique has dedicated her life to inspiring, encouraging, and educating people about ways to walk towards their best life by making their best choices. She coaches people with most types of addictions. Addiction isn’t a substance problem, it’s a lack of love, making unhealthy choices and tendencies in the soul. Regardless of the addiction, we can replace it by choosing something healthy that makes us feel loved. Unlike many who teach, share, and profess what they do not know, Angelique chooses to share only what she knows through intuitive and personal experience. Through Will You methods, she inspires others to live sustainable, meaningful, joyful lives. And yes, you can do it too!

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