“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community,” —S. Kelley Harrell

When doctors managed my ailments but couldn’t cure me,
I prayed:
Show me people who can help me heal.
I affirmed:
I meet new people every day who support my soul and body to blossom.
I experienced:
healers and healing, which I invite you to access below.

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Integrated Physical Therapy Logo

Integrated Manual Therapist
Jerzy Tworek P.T., I.M.T., C.

“Jerzy has advanced manual therapy skills, many years of experience with a wide variety of ailments, and an intuitive ability to sense and provide what the body needs. Jerzy has helped hundreds of people feel relief from pain and injuries, avoid surgeries, maximize their athletic performance, maintain well-being, and proactively fine-tune their health to levels that they did not know were possible.”

Self Pay

Nemesia Sorcar L.Ac.

“Healing ourselves from within is the first step in helping us live a purposeful and fulfilling life. Taking care of ourselves is not a luxury, it is a necessity if we want to live our life to the fullest. Chinese Medicine provides a number of tools to help us alleviate suffering and lead a more integrated life.”

Photo of Lisa Gontarski with a white calico cat in her lap

Reintegrate Soul Fractures
Lisa Gontarski
Text or call 865.254.7045

“Lisa Gontarski has practiced Angel Essence Energy Healing for more than ten years. This gentle and supportive modality calls upon your spirit guides to assist and support in emotional, physical, spiritual issues or stresses. It can be used as a ‘Spring Tune-up’ or to clear long-standing physical, mental and emotional patterns. Different from Reiki, she tunes in, invokes, supports and focuses on the healing that is taking place. In addition to working with humans, Lisa also works with pets and have seen great results with behavioral and physical issues, trauma release and restoration. Sessions take about an hour and can be done by phone or in person.”

Logo for a stoopid Good world with a cartoon owl

Fun through Physicality & Food
Charlene Oesterling

“A Stoopid Good World is a place that sparks the imagination, bringing adults back to the fearless nature of Childhood. A world of empowering individuals to acknowledge, accept and embrace who they are from the inside out, to find their truth and live their purpose. A transformational entity that offers tools, toys, games, opportunities, and inspiration to those who want to live a purposed life, leaving a legacy that will inspire others to do the same.”

Photo of Charlene Oesterling with a Stoopid Good World hat and pigtails
Logo for Strong Within

Strength through Physicality & Spirituality
Chris O’Hearn

“Chris O’Hearn is a Holistic Performance coach that empowers people to become Strong Within in every aspect of their lives. He helps you align with a higher energy and your unlimited potential. He helps you see the story and limiting beliefs you are telling that are keeping you from everything you desire. Chris helps you create a new reality by thinking, speaking, and acting differently, and helps you create new beginnings.”

Chris O'Hearn Portrait with Strong Within Shirt
Zoe Wellness Centers Logo

Scalar Therapy Reflexology + Thermography + Detox Ionic Foot Bath
Carrie Wagner

“Through the application of pressure on particular areas of the face, feet or hands reflexology can improve circulation, release tension and stress as well as support normalized function in the related area in the body.”

Hancock Holistic Clinic Logo

Cranio Somatic Release
Dr. Flo Barber

“Dr. Barber specializes in pain relief, joint mobilization, and pediatric problems. Beginning new work in the late 1990s, she has developed a unique cranial therapy – Facilitated Pathways Intervention® (FPI). The FPI therapy uses small, gentle massage-type techniques performed on the head, face and neck. The treatment area is always related to a specific pain or dysfunction in the muscles or joints of the body. Dr. Barber has been an LMT in private practice in Tampa, Florida since 1997.”

Dr Flo Barber Portrait
Marble City Ballroom Logo

Dance & Connected Partnership Therapy
Kris Hazard

“Marble City Ballroom offers professional and personalized partnership dancing instruction in the Knoxville Metro area. Kris Hazard has dedicated his entire adult life to dance. He put in years of intense training in ballet and modern dance at University of North Carolina School for the Arts, then went on to earn a BFA in Musical Theatre from Elon University. After college, he enjoyed a wide-ranging career in the arts, including a broadway national tour of The Wizard of Oz.”

Kris Hazard headshot
Turtle Island Preserve Logo of a turtle with a globe drawn on its map in a simple graphic style

Nature Skills & Forestry School
Eustace Conway, History Channel’s Mountain Man

“Turtle Island Preserve, North Carolina, guides people through experiences with the natural world to enhance their appreciation and respect for life. They achieve this through a more comprehensive understanding of nature combined with the lessons and traditions of our elders. Turtle Island Preserve is the brain child of Eustace Conway, the History Channel’s Mountain Man.”

Holistic Sessions Logo with brightly colored circles and symbols

Meditation, reiki, energy balancing, ancestral healing, intuitive advice, aura reading
Yamuna Jivana Das & Priscilla Howell

Brochure available here

“Based in Costa Rica, Yamuna and Priscilla utilize a customized experience to explore and release deep-seated patterns of thought and behavior. Using a sequence of different techniques, the experience is personalized according to the needs of each person. Aura Reading, Energy cleansing, Deep-tissue Massage, Reiki, Hot stones, Sound Healing, Magnets, Healing Crystals, Aromatherapy, Shirodhara, and Chakra Balancing.”

Photo of Priscilla Howell and Yamuna Jivana Das in Costa Rica against a scenic background with a blue sky
Gwarlingo Studio Logo in the shape of a lower case g with coloration that turns the g into both a g and an s

Design for websites, Books, Blogs, Card Decks, Merch, & more
Corwin Levi

“Gwarlingo Studio is a boutique design firm based in small-town New Hampshire, with big ideas and clients around the world. They believe that good design matters and considered storytelling is essential — whether you’re a business connecting with your customers, an artist launching a website, or a writer publishing your newest book.”

Picture of Corwin Levi drawing at a drafting table

Conversation Architect
David Baum

“For over thirty years, David Baum has facilitated big conversations that create big change. With two doctorates—the first finding horizontal connections as a social psychologist, and the second looking for vertical ones in divinity—he seeks the overlap. David partners with exceptional organizations and people and makes them better. Jane Goodall, Conde Nast, the Philadelphia Flyers, and Life is Good have all counted on him. ”

Photo of David Baum from the waist up sitting in a chair and smiling
Gregory Scott Portrait with green hill and blue sky in background

Gregory Scott

“Gregory Scott (BA, MA, PGCE) is a British, German-born astrologer, numerologist and tarot expert with 20 years of experience as an intuitive and spiritual practitioner. Through examination of the energies contained in your personal astrology birth chart, your numerology and in your tarot, Gregory can discover your life purpose; where you’re coming from on a soul level and the direction your moving in.”

Astrological symbol

Human Design: Charts, Alignment, Soul Gifts
Gloria Constantin

“Gloria Constantin offers readings in Human Design, Astrology, Human Design with Astrology, Human Design with EFT, Return Readings using both Human Design and astrology: Solar Returns, Saturn Returns, the Uranus Opposition, Chiron Returns, Relationship Readings, and Astrocartography.”

Rainbow over hill

Jenna Waters MS, RD, LDN

“Jenna Waters is a Registered Dietitian and mama of 4 that went from fueling pro athletes to fueling mom life & feeding little mouths. She does real food with a HEAPING tablespoon of real life. Jenna believes simplicity is the best recipe as we nourish the bodies, minds, & souls of ourselves and our loves.”

Portrait of Jenna Waters in a kitchen
Holistic Gynecology logo

Holistic Gynecology
Juaquita D. Callaway, MD

“Holistic Gynecology offers conventional medicine in conjunction with holistic alternatives to support health and healing. They focus on the mind, body and soul connection to provide personalized treatment plans to fit your needs. Holistic Gynecology provides a wide spectrum of women’s health services, from routine wellness exams to specialized fertility treatments.”

Portrait of Dr Juaquita Callaway in doctor's coat
Ozettes Destiny by Judy Pierce cover with white squirrel

Story Writer, Author
Judy Pierce

Judy Pierce on

“Originally from Washington state, Judy lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, Jim, and 3 rescued Bichons with visits from her white squirrel friends. After earning her master’s degree from the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University, Judy moved to the SE and taught mass communication courses at the university level. Judy’s writing is influenced by her love of nature and work with Bichon Frise rescue and wildlife rehabilitation.”

Headshot of Judy Pierce
Nine Steps to Feng Shui logo

Feng Shui
Moni Castaneda

“Feng Shui is a healing art that analyzes spaces and then suggest simple changes that will help you feel more relaxed, be more productive, and get along with others better. The objective of Feng Shui is to help you live a happier life. The Nine Steps to Feng Shui System combines the most ancient form of Feng Shui with principles of Modern Architecture and Alternative Healing.”

Moni Castaneda headshot
Journey Towards Discovery Logo

Nature Spirit Walks
Paa Kuksi Inkumsah

“Are You In Transition? Many of those who find their way experiencing a shift in life’s path are in some form of transition. Paa Kuksi Inkumsah invites you to be opened to a unique perspective on guidance that includes both Western, European, Metaphysical, and African wisdom. He designs intuitive forest experiences for the body, mind, and soul’s nourishment.”

Photograph of Paa Kuksi Inkumsah standing at the entrance to a wooden house
RC Blakes Jr logo in script font

Christian Recovery: Codependency to Empowerment
RC & Lisa Blakes

“R.C. Blakes, Jr. is an empowerment speaker. Though he is a pastor, preacher and teacher his approach is conversational. He believes that transformation happens in conversation. His women’s empowerment conferences (Queenology) are life changing for women who travel from around the nation and abroad. RC has traveled extensively to communicate the principles of: healthy relationships- self-discovery- self-love, faith in God- and success in life.”

RC Blakes Jr headshot in suit
Your Soul's Plan Logo text with lotus on top

Past Life Therapy & Your Soul’s Plan
Rob Schwartz

“Rob’s mission is to make empowering, healing information about pre-birth planning in general – and the planning of life challenges in particular – available to as many people as possible. A Between Lives Soul Regression is a sacred experience in which you can return to the nonphysical realm you call Home between your earthly incarnations and so experience and remember your identity as an immortal soul. It is a powerful and deeply healing way to gain an expanded awareness of the plan for, and purpose of, your life.”

Robert Schwartz headshot

Floral Therapy
Roger Hawley-Wilhoite

“Gather and Blüme—a full-service event planning and floral design firm based in Maryville Tennessee—creates extraordinary events for discriminating private, nonprofits and corporate clients throughout the US. Gather and Blüme events are highly customized and reflect the personality and essence of each client, whether an individual, non-profit or corporation. RH Wilhoite cultivates experiences that integrate incredible design with the finest in cocktails, dining experiences, floral music, entertainment and surprises.”

Close up zoom of a woman in a white dress of her back and a floral arrangement
Photo of Neil Stile with his video camera and his daughter, a young girl

Video Editing
Neil Stiles

More at

“Neil has 30 years experience in the video/television field. He has worked in all aspects of TV/video production: LIVE television, post-production, ENG, commercial production, corporate video, public access, non-profits. He specializes in expert storytelling through edits. Neil is able to take footage and craft a unique story whether the project is long form (network level shows, local news, docu-drama, testimonials) or short form (commercial projects, promotional projects, social media platforms).”