Pets, Plants, and More

“I help horses with people problems.”

The Horse Whisperer movie

If you desire to change or control any being, their behavior will be less than savory. If you are willing to see that you do not own anything and that no being is yours, you are teachable. Their behavior isn’t a problem, it’s a result of something. It’s a real result of their past and current environment. With respect, we can grow trust and a mutually-enjoyable relationship.

My experience

I love communicating with *animates, plants, trees, earth, devas, elements and all of nature.
They speak in pictures, sensations and sometimes words, which I receive and send.
They never lie, which is one of the many things I love about them.
Their behavior is equitable (fair and impartial).
When we treat them as equals,
when we take the time to listen to them,
to ask questions
to understand what they are saying, and doing, and why,
when we treat them with respect, as equals, they reciprocate, and behaviors can change.

*Animates are sacred caretakers of our emotions and teachers to our soul. They nurture us in ways that our parents and most humans cannot. They ground us in reality and help us feel loved. Whether you surround yourself with cats, horses, cows, dogs, cockatiels, serpents or wildlife, each have something to say. It would be my pleasure to speak with each of you and learn together, about ways to build a better, happier, healthier life.

*Animates means “soul mates,” while the word animals means “bad soul.”

I can easily communicate with most animates. Cats and horses are favorites. To see my client Lisa’s story about her cat and the mockingbirds, click here.

Trees are sacred beings of existential truths. Old growth trees can answer any question I have presented. Their communication network is profound.

In 2012, I asked them to deliver a message of forgiveness and unconditional love to a person I hadn’t spoken with in 3 years. The trees issued warning that the person may misunderstand that I wanted to physically reconnect. I replied to the trees that I could handle this, and asked that the message be sent. Hours later, that person contacted me, and our conversation led to a fruitless, 6-year relationship. I should have listened to the trees.

Devas are sacred beings of energy body who live with and watch over the beings within various areas. They are protective, playful, nurturing caretakers of the beings there.

The most vocal deva I’ve met, introduced herself to me on Hunting Island, SC as Chloris, the nymph/goddess of flowers. She wanted to play and giggle. She wanted to show me that validation is less powerful than being. The most regularly-present nymph/goddess with my work is Daphne, with the spirit of water and trees.

Plants are sacred friends. Most enjoy being known, seen, heard, communion and being together, playfulness, interaction. Most enjoy sharing their leaves and flowers and take pride in knowing the fact that they sustain and heal us nutritionally and medicinally and bring joy to us with their scents and taste.

Many plants have called to me over the years while walking along wooded trails. One of the most vibrant, bright energies perched beside a large lake, was from Aster Cordifolius. And she royally introduced herself as such!

Insects are sacred friends of the plants, and messengers of the divine.

As the dragonfly is the mascot for my company, insects have taught me many things in this lifetime. One of which, is the power to transform.

Elements are sacred knowers and changemakers. There is no gap between them and anything. They have great power to affect, alchemize and transmute all.

My ability to alter the weather comes with our ability to be aware of, listen to and care for all elements with respect.

Earth is a sacred being, not a thing or a place. She is alive and knows what we are thinking, feeling and doing. She is not land. Land is a human misperception and a kind of slavery, domination and rape over the being, Earth, who cannot be owned.

Stone People are sacred temples and storehouses of information. They stabilize and form our very feeling of stability in heart and body while living on Earth.Though stones have been overlooked, kicked, dug up, taken, moved, misunderstood and called, “Dumb as a rock,” stones can heal and bind us back together after deep spiritual wounding and broken hearts.

Various stone people have supported my life in ways that are far greater than blood family. Differing types have entered my life during the exact moments when the properties they embody, were the exact properties I lacked. I consider stone people to be a mentor.

It is be my pleasure to meet and communicate with the sacred beings who dwell with you.

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