Customized Travel

Your Dream Trip

Have you dreamed of hiking in Peru, meeting Pele in the volcanos of Hawaii, celebrating ceremony with Indigineous Tribes, or something else? Let’s talk about making your dreams travel come true, with me alongside you!


Your Event Advocate

If you have a tricky family or work event coming up, and wish for an advocate companion to accompany you, let’s talk about it. I may be available to attend, ease your experience, and assist you to navigate your emotions and relationships with grace. Learn to observe your experience rather than being disturbed by drama. Receive my understanding, validation and feedback. Feel a sense of safety and lightheartedness like you may never have before. Learn to notice and manage anxiety to reduce or eliminate triggered, dissociated and reactive behaviors.

With ample time for in-depth conversation and questions, this premiere, custom adventure is available solely to clients who have previously completed at least 10 hours of training.