Personal Mentoring

“Conversations with Angelique are an amazing opportunity to start finding your truth and discover who you are and serving your purpose. She just gets it, she’s done the work, she’s travelled many roads and it’s priceless.” client Charlene Oesterling, entrepreneur and trainer

If you have a deep longing to know you are on your right path: strong, successful, loved, and happy about your body, life and career, personal mentoring may be for you. This longing to “follow your bliss,” is a desire to experience new reality, and to courageously take steps of change, to learn and to grow.

This type of learning can be done without the support of others, but it is much more difficult. It can seem so difficult in fact, that many people do not do it, or they simply silence their suffering with addictions, distractions or even death.

You may have tried other things to cope: counselors, religion, friends, therapists, parents or maybe even drugs, alcohol, overwork, or illicit sex to distract or numb the discomfort and anxiety. Maybe those people and things let you down, or simply do not work for you anymore.

I get it. With all that angst you may wonder, “do I have the courage to go deep within myself? Can I deal with what I find? Can I trust Angelique to take me there, stand beside me, show me how and guide me to create safety, health, strength and love?

Do not let fear hold you back.

As an advocate for your soul, I am honored to use my intuitive gifts, experience and training to guide and teach you ways to know, accept, care, support, protect and love your whole self—unconditionally. That includes the parts of you that you may not know. Parts that got lost, buried, abandoned, denied. Like your dreams, feelings and needs. Those parts, if left unloved, can drive unhealthy choices like overindulging in: food, drink, drugs, distractions, work, perfectionism and any number of ways to avoid the pain of feeling unloved.

Don’t deny, dismiss or deaden your soul.

Let’s love you. Grow you. And get all-of-you on purpose. Living fully, willingly, consciously choosing to learn to grow out of old patterns and into acceptance and joy within yourself and all of life.

There’s no time like the present.

My question for you is, “Will You?” You can take the first step today, by acknowledging your concerns and getting started anyway.