The Mystical Forest

The forest and nature are a living, breathing force of life, health, sustenance and healing.

Our bodies cannot survive without her. We eat foods from her fields of nutrient-rich soil. We build homes from her timber. We receive healing electromagnetic impulses from her earthly body. We count on her air for us to breathe. We drink from her underground reservoirs and rivers. We swim and play in, and eat from, her oceans. We are utterly dependent upon her vibrant health in order to supply our own.

For a variety of distracting reasons, many of us have become afraid and disconnected from nature. We stay in our homes, rooms and on our couches, fulfilling obligations or glued to a TV, phone, apps and games that can ignite fear, fraction and friction within us and between us.

Some people have even become unable to experience the life, the action, the communication, that happens in nature. Addicted to the adrenaline stimulus hits from social media, and instant results of video games, our minds can become so distracted that we are unable to enjoy the bloom of a flower, the movement of a cloud, the meandering of a deer across a field, a gentle thank you from a stranger or a note from a grandmother. We no longer perceive the deeper, quieter reality and messages that nature has to teach.

The mystical forest is an interactive way to help people begin to learn from and be with nature. We’re creating an app, and will have fun, back-and-forth ways for viewers to learn and enjoy the most powerful force and resource in our world. Also featured will be our founder’s regular interactions with nature, messages she receives from nature, and what it teaches her. For those with physical disabilities and ailments who cannot get out into nature, the mystical forest area of our site allows them to live vicariously through the experiences of others in nature. Learn from our founder and others, and reply and comment with your own experiences!