About Mentoring

Angelique provides what traditional therapy cannot:

intuitive wisdom coupled with education, interactive tools and a deep font of personal experience.

Native American, cosmological and religious teachings, ceremonies, soul care, energetic clearing, gridding and intention setting, immersive travel experiences and intuitive communication with Life and nature. Angelique can see your soul’s blueprint, blockages to health and happiness, and share the guidance she receives on your behalf. She can also work with you to open and heighten your ability to receive direct intuitive guidance, as well share a wide network of non-traditional practices, practitioners and healing modalities to support detox, health and wellbeing on all levels.

Why Angelique over traditional therapy?

“A recent Antioch University of Seattle study found that 81 percent of the studied psychologists had a diagnosable psychiatric disorder … including substance abuse, mood disorder, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other personality dysfunctions (Plata, 2018).” “The same study found that 43 percent of psychologists struggled to see the mental illness and psychological distress within themselves (Latham 2011). Counseling “is a profession which uses (psychologists’) own perceptions and reactions as sensitive instruments of therapeutic helping, thus it makes sense to take care of the equipment, by taking care of (them)selves.” –The Counselling Connection.

As Carl Jung, the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology suggested, “a good half of every treatment that probes at all deeply, consists in the doctor’s examining himself, for only what he can put right in himself can he hope to put right in the patient” (Plata, 2018). And a therapist’s own healing is “far more informative than any graduate class or textbook” (Latham, 2011). There is nothing more validating and reassuring to a client than to be able speak with someone “who can offer ‘real-time’ emotional reactions and understanding, (because they’ve experience it themselves, and) it gives … an advantage in terms of rapport, compliance and other aspects (Reidbord, 2011).” And “without self-knowledge (psycholgists) cannot sort the client’s issues from (their) own (Reidbord, 2011).”

Is it weak to seek guidance for personal growth?

Would you hike naked through thorny brush in an unknown land? Probably not. So why would you trek through transformation alone when you can have a great guide? Why fear judgment from other people (or judge yourself)? It takes strength to improve.

What can mentoring do for me?

See life more clearly.
See options.
Grow more peaceful.
Experience ease.
Become passionate about life and choices.
Experience Joy and not just pleasure.
Recover from hits to your confidence.
Process trapped emotions.
Feel stable and capable.
Find health and freedom.
Free yourself from shame, pain and judgment.
Learn what you need.
Learn to care for needs in healthy ways.
Kick harmful habits.
Feel more free.
Grow in love for yourself and life.
Uncover & attune intuitive gifts.
Feel OK and safe being alone.
Feel OK and safe in Nature.
Unite the masculine/feminine principle within.
Know yourself at a soul level.
Regulate thought & emotions.
Learn to meditate.
Know what’s right for you.
Learn to make wholehearted choices.
Do what’s right, no matter what.
Let go of worry.
Know you’re finally good enough.
Become sovereign.
Be proud of yourself.
Sleep well.
Grow, Adventure & Love!

Does Angelique specialize?

Angelique’s can work with anyone. Her forte is working with women over 50, couples over 50, and divorced men.

Am I ready to schedule a conversation with Angelique?

It’s important to choose someone who is the qualities you seek, need and want to embody.

If you’re looking for someone genuine, who has experience: walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death as well as exalted states, is a sovereign, steadfast protector of integrity (her own and others’), is equanimously loving to people (including personal perpetrators and herself), plants, animals, earth and all elements, and is a seasoned warrior for soul evolution, Angelique may be right for you.

If you’re looking for small-talk and stories that agree with small thinking and justification for stuckness, look elsewhere.

If you’re OK with looking at what’s happening within you and around you, and discussing paths and wellness on all levels, schedule your conversation.

Angelique will powerfully hold sacred space for your growth, and offer steadfast physical, emotional, mental and energetic support, while you make the choices that are best for you.

Uncover fresh, new options for growth, adventure, love, less stress and more fun with your first conversation!

The Choice Is Yours

It always is!

You don’t have to suffer, hope or pray for someone to make your life better.

That someone is you.

Prove that you’re worthy of a better life–make your courageous choice now.

If you keep seeing the “same problems, different day,” and the pit of your stomach groans, “Ugh—it’ll never get better” you’re at a crucial point in your life journey. Ask yourself, “Is this good enough, or am I willing to learn?” If you think, “This is just the way life is,” “What’s wrong with me,” “Life is stressful,” and “He/she/I can’t help it,” “I’m already doing everything I can,” or “This is as good as it gets,” are you justifying staying the same out of fear? It’s ok to be afraid and curious. And it’s OK to allow Angelique’s education, experience and intuition to be a lamp post to guide you, as you learn to trust, love and care for yourself in ways that allow you to succeed.

There is a Better Way

Will you get Curious ?

Research shows that curiosity and self-awareness fuel success, happiness, intuition and vitality. With curiosity, you can allow more growth, adventure and love than you’ve ever known before. Don’t accept a mediocre, “suck it up, Buttercup” lifestyle of compromise as your standard.

 Love Yourself

… enough to grow your self, relationships and career in unprecedented ways that work for you. Don’t let yourself be bullied, afraid, manipulated or stressed by your own painful thoughts and fears, other people’s shenanigans, addictive things and challenging circumstances. You can let go of harmful habits and learn to live in sustainable peace, satisfaction, ease, passion and joy. Angelique is living proof.

Take the first step toward a more meaningful and enjoyable life today!

Be Brave

 … enough to feel hesitancy and still do what’s best. Don’t let fear of the unknown stand between you and a beautiful self and life that makes you feel proud. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are, while fine tuning your intuition to make better decisions – both personally and professionally. It’s time.

Say “Yes” to your best

Summon your inner superhero and schedule your conversation with Angelique today!

Step One

Schedule a conversation with Will You founder, Angelique Medow.

This conversation is a gift of exploring fresh perspectives on your situation
and getting to know each other.

Step Two

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive and email redirecting you to the Reflection Guide. Fill it out to maximize the conversation and plan for your personal and/or professional growth. (If you don’t see your email, please check your Spam folder.)

Step Three

Next, enjoy a fun, meaningful, virtual conversation. No matter what, you’ll get something out of it.
What have you got to lose?

Step Four

At the end of the call, select the subscription plan that best suits you and/or your business.
Everyone’s journey is different and personal. Get started on your transformation!

Mentor with Will You Founder, Angelique.