With five percent of profits donated to charities that support old growth trees, clean water, reforestation, and scholarships — and the rest to creating new inspirational Will You books, free videos, and our in-person outreach, there’s always a great reason to buy and gift these beautiful healing tools! Your purchases add hope, health, and joy to the world, one life at a time!

Self-love and self-care are ESSENTIAL ingredients to educate ourselves and enjoy life more!

Why? Because when we sleep well, eat well, exercise well, and are kind to ourselves, we feel OPEN, CAPABLE, and READY to: learn, travel, explore and enjoy life fully. With self-love and self-care, we’re HAPPY and ready to meet the world.

Our Lifestyle Shop is here to serve and support your growth and charitable causes. We’ve hand-selected each of the shop providers for conscious business practices that provide the most earth-friendly products available. They’re sustainable, organic, non-GMO, ethically-sourced, humane and green, whenever possible. All products and services have been tested and are enjoyed by Will You team members.


Self-care is not selfish

To me, self-love is self-care. It’s caring about my thoughts, feelings, life dreams, ideas, mental, emotional and physical health, spirituality, relationships and playful FUN. It’s sharing time with people who know and love me. It’s time in nature, with animals, friends, co-workers, family, and in activities that make me laugh and smile, and share our genuine connectivity and love.

Self-care is not selfish. The power that makes us alive, IS God within each of us, and within ALL of life. When we care for our self, we care for God. When we care for nature, we care for God. When we care for others, we care for God. Let’s care for OURSELVES … AND our neighbors EQUALLY, with love and joy!

Some of my healthy self-care includes: choosing to enjoy what I do, daily devotions, meditation, eating and drinking well, sleeping well, self-massage, relaxing time in nature, hot baths, swimming, fresh air, time alone, exercise of all types, reading, writing, studying, learning, growing, using natural remedies, bubbles, movies, painting and baking.