Joyful Living

Joy to the world, joy to us, every one!

Regardless how much we have, want, or do, it will not bring us lasting joy. A great example of this is American children a week after Christmas, or sometimes immediately after opening all of their presents. The glow of the rush of gift opening is over. Where’s the joy then?

Some of this world’s wealthiest people carry the greatest burdens. In increasing numbers, the grandchildren of some of the most prominent families are quietly committing suicide. Without joy, our world pales, and apathy, addictions, distractions, and prescriptions increase.

True success in life is joy, health and following our soul’s bliss. Will You walks beside individuals and family members to increase joy within themselves, their families, and their businesses. By being powerfully present to the unfolding experience of the individual, we support each being’s best. To learn more and see video stories of people who’ve increased their joy with Will You, watch the two videos below (and see more of our success stories here).

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