Learning to Love You
Photo of Angelique Medow

“I dispel fear by being love. And so can you.” —Angelique

You know you haven’t been loving yourself when you have any addiction. When you are unhealthy. When you are beaten down, overwhelmed or exhausted. You know you aren’t loving yourself when you stay in situations and with people who don’t value you, or in situations that are unsafe and disrespectful. I understand, because I’ve been there.

Healing from a lack of love (worth) doesn’t happen by “pressing forward,” “moving on,” achieving goals, status, money, power, people or sugar-coating the past with toxic positivity. Healing requires wound care and treatment—by you creating safety, security, trust, and stable loving circumstances within you, now.

Learning to love you can feel like the hardest thing to do. Because in order to love you more, you’ll need to look at why you don’t. And the reasons you don’t love you more, are likely due to situations in your past which caused wounds. And those wounds remain unhealed, until you learn how to love you. That’s right, by the power vested in you, and the love you show you, you’ll heal past wounds.

That’s what you’ll begin—or continue to learn, during your stay at the Heron’s Nest.

Although you may be afraid (resistant) to look at your past history, it’s required to heal. But it won’t be awful like it was then. It will be different because you’ll be able to see it from a different perspective (I can help). We’ll use play, talk, walk, water, nature, good food and good sleep therapy to refresh you. You’ll have access to my intuitive gifts, a safe and comfortable environment and my healing toolbox. You didn’t have that back when the “bad” things happened. That’s not “the way it is” any more. As you change and see yourself, love, and life differently, you begin healing the wounds of your history. This stops history from repeating. No more stuck, drama-filled cycles of “just the way it is.” You’ll be stepping into the new possibilities of “just the best way ever.”

Join me in learning to love.

The following are included and available. If you do not wish to attend all experiences, the fees remain the same and may be transferred to another service.

  • 3, one-hour conversations with Angelique to uncover blockages to love
  • Learn techniques to open to more love
  • Five-element cleanse and ceremony with Angelique
  • 2-hour acupuncture session with Nemesia Sorcar
  • 2-hour intuitive integrative manual therapy with Jerzy Tworek
  • 2-hour in-room clearing massage by licensed massage therapist
  • Guided meditation with Angelique (when available)
  • All meals-to deeply soothe, satisfy and support you inside and out
  • 1-hour seated presence (Darshan) with Angelique (when available)
  • Outdoor fire with view of Fort Loudon Lake
  • Viewing of animals: deer, fox, coyote, wolf, owl, opossum, racoon, as well as birds and songbirds not limited to: cardinal, bluebird and bluejay, nuthatch, dove, pileated woodpecker, bald eagle, hawk, osprey, heron, kingfisher, vulture, migratory birds including hummingbird and American White Pelican
  • Swimming and paddleboarding (weather permitting May – October)
  • View of Lake Loudon (180 degrees)
  • Nature hike or drive in the Smoky Mountains

Amenities include:

  • Kitchen, fully-equipped plus stocked refrigerator
  • Library of 100s of vintage and new books (like leather-bound Shakespeare plays)
  • Wooded 1-acre with trail
  • Private bedroom with:
    • King-sized luxe pillow top mattress by Johnson City, TN bedding company
    • 1000 thread count 100% cotton sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters
    • wall of windows for stargazing (blinds available for privacy)
    • heated mattress pad
    • cozy private bath with shower
  • Imagine paddleboard
  • 2020 Cannondale bicycle

Booking fee:

$7,500 includes airfare, transportation and travel insurance
$5,500 local
(Check-in 3pm on Tuesday or Wednesday to start your four-day stay; check-out is at 10am)
Let’s talk about your journey or book this adventure today!

Bonus: Make two bookings simultaneously and save $500. And/or book in the month of January and save $100. Refer a friend who books a stay and get $500 off your next stay. Discount will be applied in the form of a refund to your payment method shortly after your purchase.

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Please note before booking, you must have at least one paid conversation with Angelique that will be credited towards your booking fee and refunded after you book your stay.

Booking fees for two guests are double a single occupancy fee.

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