Full Moon

“Turn to the spiritual meaning of the moon phases to connect to the rhythms and cycles outside of the frantic pace of modern living.

As life moves increasingly online and away from nature, it is becoming more important to turn to the spiritual meaning of the moon phases as a way to connect to rhythms and cycles outside of the often frantic pace of modern living.

It’s easy to become unmoored in an era of zoom meetings, remote work, and the constant onslaught of social media. Tapping into the cycles of nature can be a potent reminder that there are powerful forces that continue on, even as change swirls around you. If you live in a city, it can feel difficult to feel that connection, but the moon is always in the sky. Turn to the spiritual meaning of moon phases as a source of connection to something deeper.

Each moon phase brings its own spiritual meaning and the opportunity to create rituals and practices that harness the energy of that unique phase.

Full Moon: Savor Your Life

There is a kind of radiant glory in the full moon. The showiest of the phases, it’s likely the moon phase that is most known for having a spiritual meaning. Often considered a time to celebrate and savor everything you have created with the waxing moon, you might find that the full moon brings a feeling of intensity, and you might notice you are more emotionally reactive and overwhelmed during this point in the lunar cycle.

The full moon is a potent time for rituals. Create a ritual that celebrates the small and large ways you are grateful for what is in your life right now, just as it is. Let your celebration take a form that supports you just as you are. That might mean getting a massage, having a party, or going for that hike that you’ve been wanting to go on, possibly under the full moon with friends.”

excerpt from Spirituality + Health

The following are included and available. If you do not wish to attend all experiences, the fees remain the same and may be transferred to another service.
  • Conversations with Angelique
  • Recognize the unseen power of the full moon (within and outside)
  • Integrate conscious with unconscious intentions and beliefs
  • Vital techniques to calm the nervous system
  • Learn congruence and its power to support joy
  • Notice and accept all your feelings
  • Learn to more fully feel, express, channel and/or release emotions
  • 2-hour energy session with Jerzy Tworek
  • 2-hour acupuncture session with Nemesia Sorcar
  • 2-hour massage by licensed massage therapist
  • 2-hour connectivity, body movement and dance lesson with Kris H.
  • Guided meditation with Angelique to experience nature wisdom
  • All meals-deeply soothe and satisfy to support you inside and out
  • Full Moon Ceremony by outdoor fireplace on the deck with spectacular sunsets
  • Gratitude Ritual
  • Viewing of animals: deer, fox, coyote, wolf, owl, opossum, racoon, as well as birds and songbirds not limited to cardinal, bluebird and bluejay, nuthatch, dove, pileated woodpecker, bald eagle, hawk, osprey, heron, kingfisher, vulture, migratory birds including hummingbird and American White Pelican
  • Swimming and paddleboarding (weather permitting May – October)
  • Expansive view of Lake Loudon
  • Nature hike or drive in the Smoky Mountains

Amenities include:

  • Kitchen, fully-equipped plus stocked refrigerator
  • Library of 100s of vintage and new books (like leather-bound Shakespeare plays)
  • Wooded 1-acre with trail
  • Private bedroom with:
    • King-sized luxe pillow top mattress by Johnson City, TN bedding company
    • 1000 thread count 100% cotton sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters
    • wall of windows for stargazing (blinds available for privacy)
    • heated mattress pad
    • cozy private bath with shower
  • Imagine paddleboard
  • 2020 Cannondale bicycle

Booking fee:

$7,500 includes airfare, transportation and travel insurance
$5,500 local
(Check-in 3pm on Tuesday or Wednesday to start your four-day stay; check-out is at 10am)
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Please note before booking, you must have at least one paid conversation with Angelique that will be credited towards your booking fee and refunded after you book your stay.

Booking fees for two guests are double a single occupancy fee.

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