Media FAQs
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Q. What is Will You?

Will You is an inspirational multi-media company that provides personal growth and joy through education, conversation and adventures.

Will You is a company, a question and a promise. The company supports the question, “Will each person hold their own torch of empowerment and light their life path?” The promise is that in doing so, each person’s will is honed and supports their life and all life.

Q. When was Will You started?

Will You’s parent company, Aimworthy Marketing LLC, began April 28th, 2014.

Q. Who started Will You?

Will You was founded by Angelique Medow and is owned by Aimworthy Marketing, LLC.

Q. Why did Angelique start Will You?

Angelique bore Will You from love and pain. She felt immense love for the beauty, truth and goodness in life that provide inspiration, community and joy. And she also felt unbearable pain over humanity’s choices to pillage and plunder, destroying themselves and others. So she chose to pledge her life, offering compassion and love to all, through her company, Will You.

Q. What is Will You’s mission?

Will You’s mission is to inspire and educate people to make wise and lasting, joyful choices.

Q. What are Will You’s company goals?

The goal of Will You is to be a loving wayshower and example of human empowerment, self-care, willpower, intuition and joy.

Q. Who is Will You’s Audience?

Generally, Will You’s audience is people who are curious and want to learn about themself, life, and answers to existential questions that are not answered by math, science, religion and allopathy.

Specifically, Will You’s clients are 53% women and 47% men who received a 2-6 year higher education, are over the age of 40 and purchase a variety of products and services that support wellbeing.

Q. What makes Will You Programs effective?

Will You’s programs are effective because they are inviting, fun and give people the tools, and support needed to implement the program into their healthy lifestyle.

Q. What kinds of programs does Will You offer?

  • Guided Introspection: self-discovery through questions.
  • Meditation: experience beyond thought and senses.
  • Affirmations: words to unite thought and feeling to increase peace and power.
  • Journaling: expression and exploration of one’s truth for observation, validation and ease.
  • Books: Our founder has written several books to support inner evolution and empowerment.
  • Spiritual Advising: overarching perspective about what we’re called to learn as a soul.
  • Mentorship: personal, customized guidance and development in a chosen area.
  • Online Training: variety of topics related to empowerment.
  • YouTube Channel: Will You Grow, Adventure, Love.
  • Adventure Excursions: Worldwide travel with Angelique.

Q. How can I get involved in a program?

Programs are available at

Q. How may I support the Will You mission?

Support for the Will You mission may be provided by subscribing and sharing our WillYouTube channels, purchasing products and training, joining us on Adventure Excursions, volunteering at 1-833-WILL-YOU, giving monetary gifts, and implementing your own personal growth.

Q. Does will you give back? If so, to which charitable organizations?

Yes, Will You gives profits from products purchased to: Old Growth Trees, Reforestation, Clean Water, Will You scholarships and to create free videos and programming to support the empowerment and evolution of humanity. Click for more information on all charities.