Dragonfly Mascot

At Will You, it is our experience that life and nature are alive and communicate with us continually. Will You grow and hear what life is saying to you?

The dragonfly is our mascot for good reason.

Witnessing the live transformation of a nymph to a dragonfly inspired our founder to trust her own transformation and not give up on Will You. Here’s her story, following by the metaphysical meaning of the dragonfly.

A month into COVID-19 isolation, I contracted Lyme disease, ended a tumultuous relationship and failed my first attempt to position Will You in the market. All deadly and crippling circumstances aside, the heart of my angst lie in none of those things.

I had created Will You to support others in their soul growth and transformation. This was an ostentatious concept to those I loved. Although clients enjoyed and saw results from Will You services, my ex and my family thought I was crazy. They regularly reminded me that I should use another of my more profitable skillsets. That was painful, but still tolerable to me.

What was intolerable to me, was that none of those loved ones were willing to pick up their own reigns on their personal growth and make a life that we could all enjoy together. There was no comfort or consolation for me in being close to them. My beliefs and the concepts I was teaching scared them. They railed against me in an attempt to protect their own ideas about life. I understood it, but it was the most defeating feeling in my life.

So I left them to lead the kind of lives that they wanted. And I went without companion or blood family, to find and create my own life—prayerful that I’d meet others like me along the way. My only communication with the outside world for the next four months was weekly meetings with my Will You team, personal healing work, masked “hellos” to strangers at the grocery store, and exercise.

Of those outside interactions, exercise gave me the greatest peace. My favorite form of exercise is swimming. One day, I was in such emotional pain, that when I walked down to the big rock by the lake for my swim, I just crouched down, hugged my legs and wept, trying to breathe.

It was a cloudy day, and about 85 degrees. When I cried myself out, I meditated. I felt better—and had the strength to move down the rock for a swim.

When I put my foot down on the only stepping-place on the rock, I saw the hatching nymph … in the exact place where I always put my foot. I couldn’t have missed her. I was fascinated! Such a gift that nature presented that day to inspire me—the birth of a dragonfly.

More to come on the dragonfly story…