Dragonfly Mascot

At Will You, it is our experience that life and nature are alive and communicate with us continually. Will You grow and hear what life is saying to you?

The dragonfly is our mascot because of its metaphysical meaning and meaning to our company and founder. If it were not for the dragonfly, neither would exist as we know them today. Here’s our founder, Angelique Medow’s story and lessons she learned from the dragonfly:

A month into COVID-19 isolation, I contracted Lyme disease, ended a tumultuous relationship and failed my first attempt to position Will You in the market. All deadly and crippling circumstances aside, the heart of my angst lie in none of those things.

I created Will You to support others in their personal growth and transformation. This was an ostentatious concept to those I loved. Although my clients experienced real results from Will You services, my loved ones expressed their displeasure and doubt. They encouraged me to get a job that “pays dividends” and “marry a rich man,” because “people don’t want personal growth.”

Although their rejection of me was painful, it was tolerable in comparison to the feeling of the raking dissonance of our ethical codes. I was teaching what they were unwilling to do. There was no comfort or consolation for me in being close to them. And, being in their presence would put me in harm’s way physically, emotionally and spiritually. My beliefs and the concepts I was teaching scared them. They railed against me in an attempt to protect their own ideas about themself and life. I understood it, but felt defeated, devalued and unsupported.

So I turned away and focused on creating a life without them—prayerful that I’d meet people of like mind along the way. My only communication with the outside world for the next four months was weekly meetings with my Will You team, personal healing work, masked “hellos” to strangers at the grocery store, and exercise.

Swimming has always given the greatest ease, joy and peace. On a particular day of emotional pain, I walked down to the lake to visit my friend, Big Rock. I stepped onto its uneven and sort-of-smooth surface, crouched down, hugged my legs and wept, trying to breathe.

When I cried myself out, I meditated. I felt better—and had the strength to move down the rock for a swim. However, when I looked down, I saw a hatching dragonfly nymph … in the exact place where I always put my foot. I sat in awe for about 30 minutes, watching each stage of the hatching, until the bright, green dragonfly … flew. Such a gift that nature presented that day—the birth of a dragonfly, which did, and does inspire me today.

Four years later, on a Will You Adventure to Costa Rica, dragonfly drew near and remained present during an entire healing ceremony. It marked my soul’s completion of its arduous, generational cycle mentioned earlier, which didn’t kill me and made me stronger. And ready to fly.