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Wish you could call me spontaneously to talk about tips to resolve something and feel better? Call me for a few minutes from your car or the grocery store! If I’m available, I’ll answer your call and be delighted to talk with you! Let’s keep you upright and in the game.

For more deeper discussion, care and support, book a 90-minute conversation. The time will fly by and you’ll receive all you need and more. If you’re in Tennessee, meet me in nature (my favorite) or feel welcomed and at home in my office. Explore your current experience and ways to better care for yourself: mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and/or spiritually. You’ll receive real-world tips to improve your health and valuable intuitive guidance. At the end of the conversation, you may be invited to deepen your relationship with yourself and Life by booking a package of conversations for growth, adventure travel and/or love. If you purchase a package, you’ll be credited $222 towards that package. If you’re satisfied with the initial conversation and do not book a package, your $222 deposit made to book the conversation will cover its fees. Click the below to book your conversation today!