Resurrect Yourself

In today’s article, we’ll discuss physical and metaphorical resurrections, as well as how to apply the concept of resurrection to enhance our experience of life. For readers who’ve been with us a while, today’s article is longer than usual, as it is a deeper subject.

Fairytale Logic

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, fairytales can linger within us and affect the way we see ourself and others. Whether we envision being “saved” like “sweet” Cinderella, being “rich” and “powerful” like Prince Charming, or being a villainous, sinister, puppy-mill-monster like Cruella DeVille, what we take from these characters and stories may impact us more than we know. In today’s article, we’ll ferret out our own “fairytale logic” and consider whether it brings us closer or farther from living our very own “happily ever after.”

Keepin’ Resolutions REAL

Whenever we make a resolution or promise, there is part of us that truly wants to succeed! Yet, the key to successful stick-to-itiveness is to get to know the part of us that does NOT want to succeed. “What?” we may be thinking!? Of course I want to succeed and fulfill my resolution to lose 20 pounds, quit drinking, eat healthy and exercise!” However, I’ve found that this is often untrue.

How to Lead by Example

If you’ve tried to help or teach someone who’s struggling, stubborn or in distress—only to watch them continue to select the same cycle of unhealthy choices, you may feel exasperated and ready to give up. Before throwing in the towel, you may choose to learn more about this alternative approach and save your own sanity while reducing stress for you and others. In today’s article, we will look at this powerful yet subtle way to share what we know—and lead by example.


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