Personal Growth Through Nature – Part 12: Immersion Therapy

The word immersion describes an experience of letting go of our limited perception of our “everyday” life, self and problems, and experiencing something different, better and/or more profound.

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Personal Growth Through Nature – Part 10: Allowing Joy

Can we allow joy when our to-do list is long? Are we too sick or frustrated to experience joy? To explore these answers and allow more joy into our life, read on…

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#1 Reason We Avoid Self-Care

Though the concept of self-care may sound good, it may be easier said than done. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the main reason we avoid self-care, and how to shift our self-perception to allow us to give and receive self-care.

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To Relieve Anxiety, Listen Within

When we’re unaware of what’s happening within us, anxiety can easily arise. By being out of touch with what we’re experiencing, we’ve abandoned ourself. Although this experience of being unaware seems to be common, by learning to listen within, we can free ourself from anxiety and experience the peaceful truth within.

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Invite Happiness into our New Year

No New Year’s wish is complete without wanting more happiness. However, if our yester-day or yester-year(s) seemed horrible, how can today and tomorrow be happy? If we’re carrying past unhappiness in our mind, heart or home, this article is for us.

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