Card Decks
Affirmations from Angelique work like medicine by raising our vibration, easing anxiety, healing our hearts and minds, and gently adding salve to our soul. Affirmations may be taken as a spoken mantra that’s read out loud, chanted, and/or sung. Cards display heart-expanding photos coupled with healing words. Feel the delight and serendipity in these 67 personalized messages. Swiftly and easily dispel subconscious myths, break stagnant bonds and perceptions, and uplift the way we see and feel about ourself and life …
Do the Affirmations Shuffle today!

With five percent of profits donated to charities that support old growth trees, clean water, reforestation, and scholarships — and the rest to creating new inspirational Will You books, free videos, and our in-person outreach, there’s always a great reason to buy and gift these beautiful healing tools! Your purchases add hope, health, and joy to the world, one life at a time!