Cades Cove Tour

BIKE or WALK Cades Cove Loop
Wednesdays, September 13, 20, 27

What to expect:

Meet for lunch at 11 a.m. at Apple Valley Mountain Village and Cafe 7138 Alexander Pkwy Townsend TN 37882

Event takes place 11a-5p

This $100 event includes a free signed book and a brief inspirational talk before lunch with tips for peace and connection to self, others, nature and intuition. This event supports the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Food, drinks and equipment are not included and are the choice and responsibility of the individual.

Cades Cove Scenic Loop Road

The loop is closed to automobile traffic on Wednesdays from May through September each year, allowing visitors to bike, walk, hike and enjoy the landscape in peace and leisure.

The cozy loop road is surrounded by the magnanimous Smoky Mountains, home to deer, fox, eagles, bear, and numerous historic buildings – the homes, churches, and workplaces of Cades Cove residents during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The full Cades Cove loop is 11 miles, which is mostly flat with gentle rolling hills. It also has two, different turn-off points, if you prefer a shorter ride. Stroll or stride as you wish–enjoy at your pace. Rental bikes and hiking are also available, with access to several trailheads via the loop.


$100 pp. If unable to attend your scheduled event, you are welcome to attend the following months, or receive your choice of Will You service in equal or lesser amount, or consider your payment a contribution to Will You’s charitable Giving Back. Last minute payments may be made upon arrival at Apple Valley Mountain Village and Cafe.

By agreeing to attend this event, I do hereby accept full responsibility and liability for all my actions and/or inactions and I hereby release Aimworthy Marketing LLC, Will You, Angelique Medow, and any and all subsidiary business and people I may or may not encounter during this event from any and all responsibility and/or liability for my actions and/or inactions.