Business Mentoring

Many business professionals and those in leadership positions tell us they feel as if they exist on an island. As leaders, they coach and serve teams of employees, customers, family, and others, overlooking their own needs, health and vitality. They may likely be perceived as the “strong” one; the one with all the answers who never falters or lets others down. They appear invincible.

And, whew! That is more pressure than anyone is meant to bear. Under that armor of steel, perhaps they feel lost, unsupported, or wandering through life without a real sense of purpose. Running a business or serving in any position of leadership can leave a person drained and without time to assess what it is that they really want.

Will You Founder, Angelique Medow, has coached many high-achieving, driven, and stressed-out executives, who simply need a confidante to walk alongside them serving as a guide while considering their own needs, hopes, and dreams.