Business Mentoring

“She brings the office to a higher level.”
— client Dr. Chris Talley D.C.

Many business professionals and leaders feel as if they exist on an island. They coach and serve teams of employees, customers, family, and others, often consciously or unconsciously overlooking their own needs, health and vitality. Although they may be perceived by others as the “strong” one with all the answers, they may not feel so invincible.

That’s more pressure than anyone is meant to bear. Under an armor of steel perfection, they may feel personally unsupported, while grappling with big personal and business questions that they have no time to answer. Running a business or serving in any position of leadership can leave a person drained, without time to assess what it is that they truly want.

I enjoy conversations with high-achieving, driven executives, because as amazing as they are on the outside, they have a complex inner brilliance behind the curtain. As a secure and trustworthy executive confidante and intuitive forecaster of behavior patterns in staff, opportunities to streamline processes, and potential for new markets, products, services and partnerships, I look forward to exploring a variety of ground together. All with genuine care for your personal and business needs, hopes, dreams and a vision for a lucrative, longstanding relationship.