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    Q: “Won’t’ power (is) my problem.” What do I do with that? —George

    A: Good question! Willpower and won’t power stem from the same source, and are simply power. If we choose an inspiring reason WHY “I-will” do or become something, we can inspire our “I-won’t” power into “I-will!”

    Q: “When it comes to alcohol, I don’t (have willpower).” —Duncan

    A: I appreciate your honesty! If we do things often, they become a habit. When we habitually feel bad, sad, mad, or otherwise unhappy, our desire to escape these feelings can drive us to drink or otherwise distract ourselves from the pain. Although it may sound simple, often adding more healthy fun to our lives can be a first, real step to change. Are you willing to add more activities to your life that bring you joy?

    Q: “Right now, I need willpower!” —Carol

    A: When we feel tempted, a little perspective can do wonders. See how you can “step away” from the issue. If it’s a substance, remove yourself (or it) from your presence. Ask yourself, “What can I do to take super special care of myself right now?” Then do that thing, as immediately as possible. Some tender, loving care can be just what the body and soul have been searching for.

    Q: I love to eat. Even before I’ve finished breakfast, I’m thinking about my next meal or snack. I can’t stop thinking about food!

    A: WHAT are you really hungry for? You might say sweets, pizza, pickles, prunes or overpriced sushi, but these things will only feed our stomachs. When our stomachs are plum full, and we still desire to eat, we know that we’re hungry for something other than food. So what’s the hunger beneath the desire for food? When we search our soul, we may find that we are hungry for love, attention, affection, hope, community/connection/family. When we accept and feed THAT hunger, by choosing healthy activities that make us feel loved and connected, our food cravings often evaporate. The next time you’re hungry, you might ask yourself, what healthy thing can I do right now that makes me feel loved?


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