About Our Adventures
Will You Adventure?

Will You Adventures combine personal growth and travel into one, glorious trip.

Travel isn’t just a destination, it’s a journey to know our world and ourselves. If you’ve had enough of “herd” tours, lines and drama, and you’re ready to experience life’s mysteries on a deeper level …

Start playing with life today, through soulful travel. Travel with someone who can guide you to experience your five senses and beyond. Someone who can ignite your inner awareness to experience travel and life as the meaningful transformation that it’s meant to be.

Travel With Angelique

Open your heart-mind to soulful travel and see what life has in store for you.
Relax. You can count on wonderful memories.
Balance. You’ll have an easy combination of downtime, fun time and intimate conversations.
Connect. Make new friends, and experience yourself and others in ways you never thought possible.
Learn. Be introduced to healers, wellness practices and sacred spaces.
Enjoy. All while seeing spectacular sights, tasting scrumptious food, hearing lively local music and feeling the magic of awe-inspiring, earthly places.

And, showing yourself … that you love and care for you.

Each adventure with Angelique is unique like you, and no two adventures are alike, even if you’ve “been there” before. Now is the time. Book your next travel Adventure today!

Here’s What Clients Say

“We just want to live in Angelique’s big energy”

—Menesa Pritchett HGTV/Discovery Network

“God is easier to find in Angelique’s bubble”

—Samantha McAllister

“The two words that best describe Angelique are joyous integrity”

—Laura Murphy, Business Coach

Gene and Dee

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Heather and Marcia

Nature Adventure


Will You Adventure