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My name is Angelique Medow, and this is the story of my soul.

It is a beautiful journey, guided first by ignorance and heartache. Then by the intuition and healing.

I was born with awareness of intuition, but not always aware of the imminent importance of following its guidance. Since childhood, I’ve known about significant events before they would happen. I knew before family members would die. I knew before I had a car accident, job loss, and when others were thinking about me. I can smell scents at a distance. I “know” without logic. I sense people’s feelings. I can see people’s soul lessons, and what can be done to allow them to learn, when they are willing.

Soul lessons are the transformational teachings that we are called to learn in our lifetime. These lessons are usually about things that we are not conscious about—or aware we need to learn. So, life gives us opportunities to learn by trial, error, and crisis. I call that the hard way. Alternatively, we can choose to pro-actively learn our lessons through personal growth, which is what we do at Will You. This can alleviate struggle, pain, and years of stuck, dramatic cycles.

Before I learned about pro-active growth, I learned my lessons the hard way. I understand pain and confusion, because I’ve been there.

I was addicted to overeating, overworking and unhealthy relationships for years. I struggled with money, relationships and food, until I understood that these things were not my problem. They were the result of my not having learned my soul lessons about love, acceptance and worthiness. By not proactively learning my lessons, my life was filled with a variety of struggles. Eventually, I simply began taking steps towards learning, at a pace that worked for me. This provided great benefits.

Physically, I went from hiding my size 16 body and binging on donuts, to not worrying about my body and wearing size 8 bikinis.

Emotionally and mentally, I was taking care of everyone else: friends, family and clients, yet not taking care of myself. This led to a health crisis, which in turn led to learning to love and care for myself more. I’m now aware of and value my needs and feelings.

Relationally, I couldn’t connect to my partner or my deeper self, which left me prone to relationships with addicted, distracted and dishonest men. Ultimately, I took the deeper dive into energetic spiritual work and reintegrated the splintered parts of my soul. The processes used are more commonly called “healing childhood wounds,” and “integrating the feminine principle.” This allowed me to experience a more connected union with my own soul and the divine. Not only did this bring me a feeling of greater “wholeness,” it also made me feel more connected to the earth and made me feel that I “belong” here, in partnership with the world, which is my family.

Financially, I went from riding my bike to three jobs and college, to owning a successful and profitable construction and design company for 20 years, including hosting a show on HGTV.

I designed and built high-profile homes by coaching couples to make wise and joyful choices. Although this was really great work which I loved, and I met many wonderful and influential people, I came to a point where I knew something in me was “off.” I dug deep and chose to look at it. I asked myself to make a decision—would I follow my deeper calling? Would I continue to be afraid of taking a new path, simply because I didn’t know where it would lead? Would I allow fear of losing what I had to hold me back?

Angelique Medow Headshot on beachFor me, the answer was no. Although I was scared, I followed the path of my soul journey in business.

I gave my subcontractors a three month break, and headed to the forest of Hunting Island South Carolina–to meditate and begin writing my first book. Having previously inundated myself with work and relationships, this period of isolation caused a major shift in my perspective. It upended my definition of myself. Before, I defined myself as my work—as an owner of a successful company with clients who trust me. Once that was gone, I didn’t know who I was or what made me worthy. Being with the forest, allowed me to discover that I was not my job, or what I could do for others. I came to know that I am much more, and that my very being is worthwhile. All the good things I had, including: money, health, career, and status, were no longer needed for me to feel good about myself. That is freedom!

Through time, I’ve returned to that forest, to refresh, reset, meditate, bike, swim, walk, sit, and just be. And I regularly offer travel adventures to show others how to do the same.

I’ve learned many lessons over the years. My deepest lessons were learned from nature, life, meditation, prayer, energy work, nutrition, exercise, and my mentor.

Nature taught me that I am part of her, and that I belong. She taught me that I could feel safe and cared for in her. She shows me daily that I can trust her to exist and be hospitable, providing soil to walk on, fields to grow foods to nourish me, lakes to swim in, fantastic beauty everywhere, animals to play with, stars to admire and wonder about, and much more.

Life, or God as I synonymously call that power, taught me to see that its truths are in everything. That I need not go far to discover answers, they may be found in watching the petals of a flower, a sunset, or enjoying a cup of tea. Life taught me that I am provided for with air, earth, water and fire, support of all sorts, and guidance that leads me on my soul’s journey.

Meditation taught me to be unafraid of the dark and/or quiet spaces in my mind. The unknown is simply yet to be discovered, and not to be feared. Meditation showed me the joy of a mind freed from thought, and the bliss of quiet peace. It showed me what I needed to learn, and to accept myself and all.

Prayer taught me to commune with the infinite, underlying intelligence and power of life. With prayer comes faith, and faith creates wondrous inner and outer worlds.

Energy work taught me to trust humans. I hadn’t known trust, but knew that I wanted to grow and heal. In faith, I received energetic healing from a variety of practitioners, to release impediments in my physical, emotional, soul and spiritual body.

Angelique with John Dobson

Learning about good nutrition: what to eat, and not eat, when, how much, how often and when to fast, were all vital in my development. Having had an overeating disorder in the past, learning about nutrition helped me implement new habits. This helped me tap into the vital sources of my own willpower.

Exercise taught me that I could be strong and capable in this world. Not having grown up in a family that exercised, my choice to explore and recognize its value–changed how I felt, looked, behaved and what I experienced in life.

My mentor taught me the value of “continued education” of the soul. During his lifetime, John Dobson was a cosmologist, physicist and Vedantan monk. His mentor was the infamous Swami Vivekananda, who, while at the Vedanta Society in San Francisco, California, assigned him the lifelong task of reconciling science and religion. Later, John traveled the world, utilizing telescopes, talks and charisma to connect with people and speak about the greatness of the universe. He also reinforced the importance of personal growth and development, saying, “You can’t get out of this by dying.”

Having learned many lessons and ready to fulfill my soul’s calling, I founded Will You in 2013.

To date, we’ve published 2 books and a deck of cards that feature Affirmations by Angelique, 11 Will You Grow journals, a YouTube channel with nearly 500k views, live and online workshops, weekly email distributions of inspirational affirmations and articles, and we offer mentoring for individuals, couples and business owners with more than 50 rotations around the sun.

Following my calling was a huge step that required me to step fully into both the unknown and the power it provides. By doing so, I experienced healing at my deepest levels, and continue to do so today. For me, it’s meaningful, beautiful and restorative to care, share, encourage and inspire others to grow, adventure and love themselves, others and life more fully!


*John Lowry Dobson’s life and ideas are featured in the 2005 documentary A Sidewalk Astronomer, the PBS series The Astronomers and appeared twice on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He also appears as one of the speakers in Universe: The Cosmology Quest, a documentary about non-standard cosmological theories. He was a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote four books, How and Why to Make a User-Friendly Telescope, Beyond Space and Time, The Moon is New and lesser known, Advaita Vedanta and Modern Science. Videos of John speaking, teaching and building and sharing his Dobsonian telescope mount, may be seen here.

*Vedanta is the oldest of the major living religions of the world. It affirms that all religions lead to the same Truth“Truth is one; sages call it by various names,” (Rig Veda). Vedanta teaches that the essence of all beings and all things is Spirit, infinite and eternal, unchanging and indivisible. It emphasizes that a person’s true nature is this divine Spirit, identical with the inmost being and reality of the universe and that the goal is to actualize this truth in one’s life. Vedanta Society

*Swami Vivekananda was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, an Indian Hindu mystic, saint, and religious leader. Vivekananda was invited to the United States to represent Hinduism and speak at the First World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago on September 11, 1893. You may read his speech here. It was during his speech, that “he won instant celebrity status in America, and a ready forum for his spiritual teaching.” This speech also inspired a 17-year-old member of the audience, a boy who would later become a world-famous yogi and write, “The Book that Changed the Lives of Millions.” This book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda, has sold more than four million copies and counting.