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What is nurturing?

Nurturing is caring for and encouraging the growth and development of our long-term wellbeing.

What is required to nurture?

To nurture our wellbeing, awareness of our feelings and needs is required.

Why nurture ourself?

The lack of being nurtured results in suffering. For example, anxiety, guilt, depression, illness, lack of mobility, unworthiness, addictions, suicide, crime, confusion, hate, anger and many other states of being can stem from a lack of nurturing care. When we proactively choose to nurture ourself daily, we may maintain our optimal state of balance, health and wellbeing.

Journaling can be nurturing.

Journaling is the simple act of paying attention to, and writing about, our thoughts, feelings and insights. By paying attention to our own experience in this way, we nurture and validate ourself. This empowers and frees us from unhealthy reliance on substances, behaviors and people.

Why journal?

Journaling invites us to be aware of what we feel and really need (not just candy, sex, etc). By asking ourself three simple questions (below), and expressing our truth on paper, we give ourself the gift of learning and knowing how to nurture ourself.

Journaling and nurturing require courage.

Journaling validates that our life matters, because it matters to the one who is writing about it. It takes courage to look within, to learn what we need, and make choices that encourage us towards health, freedom, meaning and joy.

Tips to nurture through journaling.

As Natalie Goldberg, world-renowned writing teacher professed, “Whether we keep a journal or write as meditation, what’s important is that we have a relationship with our mind.”

To begin journaling:

  1. Prepare by meeting basic bodily needs for comfort such as restroom, water, food, clothing.
  2. Sit with journal, pen and an open heart-mind.
  3. Write and answer the following questions in your journal:

How do I feel?

What do I really need right now?

How can I give it to myself? (Then do.)

Will You?

No one can journal for us. The more we take the initiative to get curious and write about our feelings and needs, the more we grant ourself the freedom to nurture and make choices that support our wellbeing!

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