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What is journaling?

As our hands dance thoughts and feelings onto paper, we perform the ballet, opera and orchestra of our soul. Journaling is the simple act of paying attention to, and writing about, our thoughts, feelings and insights. This allows us to know, observe and reflect. By paying attention to our own experience in this way, we care and love ourself.

Why journal?

Each of us deserves a life with someone who knows and cares about us. When we allow ourself to access, observe, and express our thoughts, feelings and insights, we validate that our life matters. When we know that we matter, we experience more freedom. And with freedom, we can experience meaning and joy.

The science of journaling.

As Natalie Goldberg, world-renowned writing teacher, professed: “Whether we keep a journal or write as meditation, what’s important is that we have a relationship with our mind.” Positive Psychology noted that, “Journaling requires the application of our analytical, rational left side of the brain. While our left hemisphere is occupied, our right hemisphere—the creative, touchy-feely side, is given the freedom to wander and play … allowing creativity to flourish and expand, while providing cathartic feelings of well-being. Journaling uplifts and empowers us to understand our complex feelings and find humor.”

Journaling can:

  • Calm and clear our mind
  • Release pent-up feelings and stress
  • Release negative thoughts
  • Explore our experiences
  • Explore success
  • Enhance self-awareness and teach about triggers
  • Track our progress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce physical health problems
  • Help manage stress and anxiety and enhance engagement and meaning

What’s the point?

Statistics can help validate or give authority to reasons why something is helpful. However, if we can’t feel the effects of journaling in our heart, and it doesn’t change our life for the better, why do it?

My experience.

The reason the topic of journaling is presented today, is because I find it to be exceedingly helpful—especially at times when I am experiencing frustration, anger and blockages in clarity. Journaling can be helpful anytime—but for me, those emotions and experiences have been the most challenging to understand. When I allow myself to be curious about my experience of frustration, anger and blockages, and then explore them through journaling, I receive tremendous insights, clarity and courage to make decisions and move forward.

My perspective—the importance of journaling.

If any of my processes of allowing and introspection through journaling can bring comfort, understanding or awareness to my fellow brothers and sisters, then I’d like to share that today. By learning to write cleanly and purely, without analyzing, criticism, judgment, resistance or fearing what’s within me, I experience freedom. This allows me to gain a deeper sense of worthiness, because I understand what’s happening within me and why. And, I give myself the right to this experience. By understanding myself more, my peace within and with others continually increases. If you’re interested in exploring the process I use, here’s how to start…

Experience awareness.

We can begin by curiously opening the door of our heart-mind. We can simply observe our thoughts and feelings, without fear, criticism or judgment. If we falter and experience fear for example, we can acknowledge our fear, and continue to curiously explore anyway. Or, if we, criticize ourself for example, we can acknowledge that we made a judgment against our thoughts and feelings. We can apologize to ourself for passing judgment, and allow ourself to access deeper understanding and wisdom anyway.

Experience catharsis.

By simply expressing (journaling) whatever we feel and think, what-the-heck-ever-it-may-be, we free ourself into acceptance of who we are. And freedom is cathartic—it releases pent up, dammed up, trapped thoughts and feelings!

Self-Care through journaling.

Through the journaling process, we validate that we have a right to cathartic self-care. When we give ourself a safe space to write, a space without judgment and criticism, we offer ourself the ultimate in intimate personal care of who we are, what we think and how we feel at our deepest, soul level.

Journaling encourages inclusivity.

By knowing both our thoughts and feelings through journaling, we can include them both in our everyday decision-making. Whether we’re deciding what to eat for breakfast or which job to take, journaling gives us a safe, free and inspired place to explore, think, feel and be. This free, safe space empowers us to make choices that are inclusive of the whole of us.

Will You?

No one can journal for us! The more we take the initiative to get curious and explore our thoughts, feelings and insights, the more freedom, curiosity, inclusivity and care we’ll experience in life!

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