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Where is peace?

While standing beside a stream, walking beside a mountain or in our favorite place, we can easily experience peace. When outer nature is peaceful, it has a way of washing over us and helping us feel peace. 

When our inner nature is peaceful, we can experience inner peace, even amidst turmoil. For example, it is possible to feel both peaceful, and be aware of suffering—yet not allow ourself to become less peaceful due to the suffering. We can help ourself to experience peace more often, by recognizing and accepting that we have the power to be, chose and invite peace.

Access peace within through Nature.

Though we may admire nature, we may not be aware that nature’s peace can provide us with daily peace within, even when we’re in crisis, cities and crowds for example. Nature is everywhere—she’s the planet under our feet, the food on our plate, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the body we wear during our lifetime. The peaceful parts of nature are like the peaceful part of us. Like a calm pond at dawn, we reflect each other’s state of being.

Reflect on nature’s peace.

The more we reflect on the peaceful presence of nature, the more peaceful we become. We reflect our focus. It’s akin to watching violence on television, and then noticing that we feel that violence, anger, fear, etc. within us. It’s up to us to choose to reflect on nature’s peace to experience more peace within ourself.

Absorb nature’s peace.

We can affect how much peace we experience, for how long and how often. Just as we can be absorbed in the beauty of Bali on TV when we’re actually in our backyard, we can absorb the peaceful feelings in nature and experience pervasive peace, even when we’re far from nature. Here’s how:

Prioritize peace.

For peace to reign in our life, we, as the sovereign rulers of our own nation-state of ourself, must declare that peace is non-negotiable and our top priority. To gain the ability to experience consistent peace and peace on-demand through nature, we can do the following:

  1. Go outside. Don’t wait for the to-do list to get done! Take five minutes or more to just sit, relax, breathe and enjoy.
  2. Get comfy. Sit, stand, walk. Just be comfortable in your you-ness and be comfortable with nature, exactly as she is.
  3. Relax completely. Notice, acknowledge and release any resistance to relaxing. Notice, acknowledge and release muscle tension. Be thankful for choosing to relax.
  4. Note each of your physical senses. Note each of the senses individually (what you see, smell, hear, taste, touch). You may also note a sixth sense. Then notice what you experience—within each of these senses, and within nature.
  5. Allow & Invite nature to fill ALL your senses. Then notice what you experience. By noting how your senses are affected by nature, and giving thanks, you are paying attention to and caring about her. You are also caring about yourself, and your peace!
  6. Re-access your senses, anytime! Rather than shutting down your senses to return to work or stress, access and stay open to your awareness of your senses when they are full with nature. In this way, you allow yourself to stay connected to nature and peace.

Will You?

No one can become peaceful for us! The more we take the initiative and reflect, absorb and prioritize peace, the more we’ll experience it in ourself and life!

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