Today’s article shows ways we can let go of trying to make things happen, by opening ourself to ask for what we want. To see the video of this personal growth adventure with Angelique at her favorite childhood place, click here (and subscribe to receive free, weekly inspirational videos).

We are heard and noticed by life.

Just as an eagle flies above the water, hungrily awaiting its catch of fish below, it relies on life to provide what it wants and needs. Like the eagle, when we are hungry, we rely upon life to provide a world where food is available when we want and need. Life has the power to provide.

Do we hear and notice ourself?

With much on our daily to-do lists, it can be easy to overlook our own wants and needs. Instead, we may focus on the wants and needs of others: our spouse, boss, parents, children, pets or the regular maintenance needs of our car, home and world. With our focus being outside of us, we may not be aware of our own wants and needs. 

What do we want or need?

If we’re not aware of our hunger and need for food, for example, we may not eat. In the same way, if we are not aware that our heart is physically out of rhythm, we may not go to a doctor or health practitioner to get it fixed. Likewise, if we’re not aware that our heart longs for a loving, committed relationship, we may not allow a relationship to develop into a commitment.

Knowledge is power.

When we know what we need, it’s an invitation for it to happen. Like the hunger in the eagle invites opportunities for it to catch its fish dinner. The power of knowing (being aware) of what we want and need, is also the power within us that invites it to happen.

Will You know and ask?

It’s up to you. No one else can be expected to know what you want and help you allow it into your life. The more aware you are of what you want, and the more often you ask for it and allow yourself to receive, the more often you’ll experience it in life!

If you’re ready, here are some things you can do:

  1. Be humble.
    1. Recognize that allowing life to support us is infinitely more powerful (and fun) than forcing what we want to happen.
  2. Accept that it is OK to want and need.
    1. Know that it is normal and natural to want and need things.
    2. Accept that your wants and needs are OK.
  3. Release judgments that it’s not OK to want and need.
    1. Judgments create inner resistance and block receptivity to receiving what you want and need.
  4. Be courageous & curious.
    1. Cozy up with a journal and/or take some time to reflect, uncover and know:
      1. what do you want and
      2. what do you need?
      3. what would delight you?
  5. Ask.
    1. Ask for what you want, need, and would delight you. 😊
  6. Know that your “ask” is heard and known by Life/God.
  7. Let go of the burden of making things happen and allow things to happen!

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