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The deeper meaning of being.

When we think about being with something, we may think of our body being with that thing. But there’s more to being than just our body’s physical presence.

Are we present, absent, or both?

There are myriad forms of presence: we can be fully present, partially present, or fully absent. Let’s say our body is at work. We can be physically present, yet aware that our thoughts and feelings are elsewhere (absent), and at the beach. Or, we can be physically at work while we’re unaware (absent) of our thoughts and feelings. Often, we are a combination of both being present and absent.

Check in with ourself.

In this moment, are we present, absent or both? In what ways?

Requirements of being.

Being requires that we are fully present, with complete awareness. This includes, but is not limited to, our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and body.

Being is not trying to be aware. Being is awareness. This is why we say “be aware” and “beware.” When we are aware, we are capable of observing all our senses and extrasensory perception: what we see, taste, touch, smell, know, hear, feel within, and sense telepathically and cosmically.

My example of being.

My experience of being feels heavenly, supportive, peaceful, joyful. It’s 100% presence, without distraction. I’m not split between thinking about one person while being with another, working while daydreaming, or wishing life were different. I’m not multitasking my mind. I’m completely present with “my experience” and what’s around me.

Being with nature.

To be with nature is the same, it requires full awareness without distraction. It requires attention and focus on exactly where we are in nature and what’s happening around us. When that happens, we can take in all the information that’s available. Being fully present with nature allows us to experience joy, gratitude and life, right where we are.

Steps to being with nature.

It’s up to us. If we’re ready to become more present with nature, here are some things we can do:

  1. Go outside and get comfortable (sitting, walking, etc.).
  2. Notice what we’re thinking.
    1. Is it based in our current, real-time experience now, in nature, or in our past or future?
  3. Notice what we’re feeling.
    1. Is it based in our current, real-time experience now, in nature, or in our past or future?
  4. Refocus our awareness (being).
    1. Find a way to let go of thoughts and feelings that are not based in our present experience within nature.
      1. Journal
      2. Write a to-do list
      3. Make a very brief phone call
      4. Accomplish an urgent task, then let it go.
    2. Bring attention to our six senses based on what we are experiencing right now, within nature. (Click here for more information about six senses.)

Will You?

No one can be with nature for us! And the more we can be present with all our awareness, the more support, health, ease and joy we’ll experience in ourself and life!

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