Today’s article encourages us to learn from nature how to include and love ourself to make wise and joyful choices. To see the video of this personal growth adventure with Angelique amongst the robust, red and white quartzite boulders of Rib Mountain, click here (and subscribe to receive free, weekly inspirational videos). 

Nature is inclusive.

Inclusivity is the act of including everything and excluding nothing. As we look at nature, her terrain promotes specific species in specific areas based on elevation and moisture, yet all plants, animals and elements are included in the whole of nature.

We are part of nature.

We are included in the whole of nature. Like the plants and animals, we are part of nature’s ecosystem. And, like nature, we have our own, inner nature. Our inner nature includes: thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, genetics, and the mystery that makes it all work.

Unconditional love is part of nature.

Like yin and yang, unconditional love is part and parcel of all of nature—within and outside. All action is born of more, or less, love. Even human actions that may seem to born of hate for others, may actually be born from the displaced hate of ourself. This hate can stem from a mistakenly belief that we are not lovable, and cannot experience unconditional, inclusive love—from others, ourself and Life/God.

Unconditional love is inclusive.

Like inclusivity, unconditional love is the act of being loving and excluding nothing from our love. Though our love may take many forms of action that range from making love to tough love, all action springs forth from an amount of love within one’s self. Sometimes we love, but not fully. Not inclusively. And often, we do not include ourself with love.

We can be more inclusive and loving.

The more inclusive and unconditionally loving we are of all of ourself, the more peaceful and joyful we become. All of ourself includes but is not limited to: thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, dispositions and the mystery that allows life, us and everything work.

We probably all have areas of our inner nature that we judge, criticize and punish. This judgment, criticism and punishment is neither unconditionally loving, nor inclusive. To become more fully inclusive and unconditionally loving of life, ourself, everyone and everything, we can begin with ourself.

Be aware of energy.

It’s up to us. Our attention is our energy and currency. How are we spending it? Are we making choices that support inclusion and unconditional love for ourself? If so, this is a good, wise choice (even if it’s unpopular with others).

Be aware of intention.

Only we can know our intentions. Do we know our intentions (why we want) what we choose? If not, it’s important to look within and know. Do we intend to “be nice” to someone as a means for something else (to repay an apparent debt of guilt, to win favor, etc.)? We may intend to behave kindly with the intention of having a friend. We may give someone a kiss with the intention of helping soothe their anger. When we know our true intentions, we can assess whether these intentions promote inclusion and unconditional love, or if they are promoting sacrifice and isolation, martyrdom and depression.

Will You?

No one can do this for us! The more initiative we take to develop an inclusive and unconditionally loving nature, the more support, health, ease and joy we’ll experience in ourself and life!

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