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What is Immersion?

The word immersion describes an experience of letting go of our limited perception of our “everyday” life, self and problems, and experiencing something different, better and/or more profound.

Although immersive experiences may sound unusual, they can be quite ordinary. Many of us may have experience immersion while watching a movie or playing a video game. When we’ve completely lost awareness of our own body, thoughts and feelings, and experience what the actor or avatar experiences as if it were ourself, that’s immersion.

Stages of immersion

There are no stages of immersion. We either are or are not immersed. However, there are stages of experience that lead to being immersed. A stage towards immersion is to fully experience or empathize with some something. At that stage, we are able to fully recognize the experience of the other, and relate to it in some way.

To continue the example, if we were watching a movie or playing a video game, a stage towards immersion might be experienced like this. We might see an actor or avatar being hit by a bullet and think “owww, that would hurt!” We are relating to what that actor is experiencing, but we are not experiencing the pain, shock, and after effects that he or she would be experiencing.

Everyday examples of this stage of fully experiencing something, which can lead to immersion include: luxury travel, fine wine and food, yoga and spirituality and psychotropic drugs, to name a few. These types of experiences, which are often coined or marketed as “immersive experiences” are often chosen for the pleasure we derive from fully experiencing what that person, place or thing has to offer.

Intentions for immersion

Curiosity, escape and unification are three reasons or intentions for wanting to immerse with something.

We may be curious what it would be like to fully experience a foreign meal, so we drop all our prejudices and ideas about it, then allow our curiosity to prevail. We become fully absorbed in the experience of that meal and “lose ourself” for awhile.

We may want to escape our challenging life experience to fully experience the numbness of not thinking or feeling our self.

We may want to become unified with that person, place or thing, to fully know it and its experience of life, as ourself.

The succulent abyss of immersion.

Each of us long to be included and unify with people, places, or things. This is the underlying intention to why we choose mates, friends, foods, and specific places to take vacations—we want to fully experience them and/or feel the way they feel. If we are currently unable to feel due to numbing out or blocking off our feelings, we can still experience what they experience on a subtle level, just by being around them.

Steps to Immersion

If your curiosity is piqued about becoming immersed, here are some steps you can take to prepare:

  1. Be humble. Accept that there is more to life than what we think we know and what we have experienced in the past.
  2. Be open. Accept that it is possible for you to immerse and be unified with people, places and things.
  3. Be willing. Accept that our willingness to immerse is an invitation to life to bring this experience to you. If any part of us is afraid or unwilling, that part can block the experience of immersion.
  4. Choose well. Observe and select something wonderful with which to unite. I choose to immerse with people, places or things that express intrinsic beauty, grace, playfulness, genuineness, joy and lightness of being.
  5. Release control. In a safe environment, allow ourself to let go of to-do lists, agendas, our own thoughts, tension in our bodies, other people’s rules and anything that limits us from experiencing immersion.
  6. Relax and breathe easily. Enjoy the experience!

Will You?

Will you break free of old habits and ideas that hold you back and allow yourself to immerse with more of what you wish to experience in life? The more curiosity and initiative we take, the more support, health, ease and joy we’ll experience in ourself and life!

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