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What is support?

When we think about receiving support, we might think of: financial, psychological, emotional and/or physical support such as caregiving. These are just some of the myriad of ways in which we can receive support from something outside of us to feel better.

Support is good, when we can get it.

Inasmuch as it’s pleasant and enjoyable to experience another person who will support us when we’re having difficulties, human support can be unsteady.

Human support isn’t enough.

Regardless how amazing, talented and supportive other people are of us, they cannot meet all our needs. They may simply show us that we can “get by with a little help from our friends,” or we can “lean on (them) when (we’re) not strong, ‘cause (they’ll) be (our) friend.”

Filling the gap.

To fill the gap of support for ourself, we may seek solace—in a bottle, pills, food, sexual encounters, self-pity, or any number of distractions from our suffering. We may also seek positivity, prayer, solitude, a combination of those, or a different type of support.

Consider support from Nature.

Though we admire nature in our own way—awed by her beauty and strength, stunned by her storms, and grateful for her provisions, we may not be aware of the daily support that nature can provide.

Nature supports us physically.

Nature is a smorgasbord of support. Not only does nature support us physically—through our earth, gravity, soil, foods, shade, shelters, air, etcetera. It’s deeper than that, as highlighted in the following four paragraphs.

She supports us emotionally.

Nature surprises and delights us with her wild canvas of creation. The sights of sunsets, waterfalls, wild animals, caverns and mountains illuminate us with intrigue, excitement and elation, which support the emotions that make us feel happy to be alive.

Nature supports us energetically.

Nature is energizing. Scientifically, the process of being energized by experiencing nature goes by many names, including: forest bathing, immersion, ecopsychology, and more.

My story.

Last week, I had taken on a project that required being awake for nearly 48 hours. During that time, there were several moments that I felt exhausted and sure that I would have to lay down. At the onset of those times, I asked myself, “What do I need?” and the answers were “a nap.” So I asked, “Is there an alternative?” and the answer was “nature.” So I chose nature. I went outside, sat on the ground and asked nature to completely fill me with her resounding, exuberant energy. Then I allowed myself to receive nature’s support. Things started happening within me, and within five minutes, the energetic level within my system was restored, and I went on to finish my project.

She supports us ethereally.

Nature provides unseen healing and support for the peace and productivity of our entire system. Nature’s permeable presence and essence breathes our very bodies, as her trees exhale and we inhale. Nature hydrates and nourishes our very body with water, air, mountains, sun, etc. Our level of relaxation, receptivity and rest grow exponentially, having shared time and energies with her. It is upon her, that our very life depends, and we are called to our Mother Earth, to lay down and rest our heads to receive the support that we need.

Nature is every child’s healer.

Each of us has probably experienced feeling better after having spent time in nature. Maybe we climbed a tree, lay in the grass or played hide and seek with lightning bugs. As kids, many of us instinctively knew that we could run to nature for protection, care and support … even if our caregivers may have disagreed.

Let’s retool our time for support from nature.

It’s up to us. Will we prioritize our relationship with nature to receive her healing benefits?

If so, here are some things we can do:

  1. Go outside. Don’t wait for the to-do list to get done, just go! Take five minutes to just sit, relax, breathe and enjoy.
  2. Spend at least two hours a week outside, either all at once or over several visits as stated in Yale magazine.
  3. Drop judgments and criticism that we don’t have time.
  4. Give ourself the freedom to “not do.”
  5. Schedule outside time as non-negotiable in our calendar.
  6. Cozy up with a journal to ask and uncover truths to the questions below.
    1. What was nature to me as a child?
    2. What do I need to know to allow myself to be in nature like I did as a child?
    3. How do I feel?
    4. What do I need?
    5. How can I ask nature to help? Then, do!

Will You?

No one can spend more time in nature for us! The more we take the initiative and respect the obvious power in nature, the more support, health, ease and joy we’ll experience in ourself and life!

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