Today’s article is an example of living with the power of being responsible for our personal and spiritual growth, through lessons from the bald eagle. To see the video of this personal growth adventure with Angelique, click here (and subscribe if you’d like to receive free, inspirational videos).

The eagle is responsible for its survival. 

Unlike fish, who can stay in one place while their minnow dinner swims to them, the eagle must actively accept the responsibility to hunt to survive. Although it is dependent upon nature to supply its menu, the eagle takes responsibility to seek food, grasp prey and feed upon the nourishment.

We can survive like fish and like eagles.

It is our choice whether we take responsibility to seek our own fresh, live prey to feed upon. Do we want fresh fish, like the eagle? Or, do we survive by staying in one place like the fish, allowing others to supply us with processed food or whatever they bring? Either way, we can survive, like fish and like eagle.

To thrive, emulate the eagle.

If we wait for someone or something to deliver our thriving wellbeing, we will be deeply disappointed, depressed, discouraged and/or disgruntled. No doctor, religious leader, politician, lover(s), drugs, or amount of power can “make” us well or happy. To thrive, we are required to take personal responsibility for the “pursuit of our own happiness.”

Happiness is thriving wellbeing.

Happiness is not pleasure-filled, self-service at the expense of other forms of life. When we first taste the idea that happiness is thriving wellbeing (not just surviving), we may mistake that happiness is achieved by filling a vacuum of desire with pleasure-filled people, places and things. It’s only a matter of time before that reality shows itself to be an empty, unfillable cavern of desire.

Wellbeing is inclusive.

When we learn that as we harm others, we also harm ourself, we will not be happy harming other forms of life. Our happiness includes the happiness of others. And so, our wellbeing also affects all other life. Our wellbeing adds wellbeing into the air, earth, plants, animals, people, places and things around us. Even our dog is happier when we are happier, right? By taking responsibility for our personal growth, happiness and wellbeing, we are literally healing the world in the only way we truly can.

Will You?

No one can take responsibility for our personal growth but us. We may choose to apply nature’s lessons and make different choices. We may choose to reflect within and journal. Regardless which of the innumerable ways we do or do not choose to grow in this life, the responsibility falls squarely upon ourself. And when we consciously choose to take responsibility for our growth, we automatically release the stale energy of repetitive cycles in stress, drama and control that can make our lives hell.

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