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There may be times when we’ve experienced stress for so long, that it’s become “normal.” Like the proverbial lobster in a pot, when we first we enter life’s waters, they may be cool. As the burner of life beneath us lights, warmth (stress) rises and is relayed to the water in the pot. As its temperature slowly rises, so does our stress. This may happen so slowly, that we may not notice that we’re in such stressful hot water, that it has the potential to separate us from our life (and/or sanity).

Time in nature is required to bring our bodies and minds into balance.

Although we may have been raised, or we currently live in, the concrete jungles and metros, every human is dependent upon nature. She provides us with the obvious: food, water, shelter, protection, gravity, minerals, and most physical things, while also supporting our seemingly-intangible physical, mental and emotional states. Though the list of benefits and the balance we receive when we are in, and attentive to Nature’s presence, exceeds the capacity of this article, several ways worth researching on our own may include: forest bathing, earthing, polarity, earth star chakra, soul sovereignty and spiritual attunement.

The point is, the more of our attention and time is with nature, the more mothered/nurtured, loved, supported and supplied for we will feel, even if we don’t understand why. And these balanced stable physical and emotional feelings, release us from seeking to vainly attempt to fill the void with addictions and distractions.

Our connection to Nature equates to our level of happiness.

To avoid painful emotions, we may focus our attention on addictions, distractions and suffering. Though we may see that these things neither bring us joy nor happiness, we may not know how it feels to experience real joy and/or health. Although it may seem foreign and uncomfortable for us to turn to Nature instead of drugs, alcohol, food, etc. there is no equal or substitute for her healing, attuning presence. Personally, I attest to Nature’s healing power, and consider her my closest family. She has, and continues to support me through every personal struggle, being “there for me” in ways that humans cannot.

Nature and God are not dissimilar.

Many of us experience fear of Nature, in the same way that we experience fear of God/Life/Source. If we choose to sit, observe and experience nature, it will at some point coax considerations of God. Both presentations are vast, wild, life-giving and deadly.

A hike can be a healing reconnection with the Creative Force within and outside us.

Nothing seems so simple and obvious than what’s right in front of our face. And that’s Nature! Though she may easily be taken for granted, she allows us to access her healing capacity at any time.

How can we “take a hike” today?

Connecting (being with) all of nature and ourself can be rewarding and empowering. The easiest, first step to “take a hike” is to be wholeheartedly present to curiously observe. No phone. No mindless chatter. Just observe nature, the way we would television—completely checked out of our thoughts. Go outside, for 15 minutes or more. Allow ourself to feel, and notice our feelings. Place as much of our body onto the earth as possible—sit, lay, stand with bare feet and touch the earth with our bare hands. Inhale deeply and exhale fully, many times. Enjoy. Notice what we notice, and what it means to us.

We can also apply the previous steps to observe nature, to learn to observe ourself–for we too, are part of nature. We can “be with” ourself, observing, completely checked out of our thoughts, we can give ourself a hug. We can feel our feelings. We can inhale deeply and fully, many times, and enjoy our own breathing and being. We can notice what we notice about what’s happening within us, and what it means to us.

We can walk anywhere—down the street, to a friend’s or in a park. Moving our bodies is a sure way to reconnect with the power of the nature within our own body!

Will You?

No one can observe, hike or enjoy our life for us. The more we choose to experience it through being in nature, the more real-life comfort, care and compassion we will experience in ourself and life!

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