Shell of house and home deliver

From me, this uncertain future

Nothing but what’s real can be

What I can yet no longer see.

During the last month, we’ve spoken about the vital importance of observation of nature as a power to know what’s happening around us and within us. Today’s article is an example of why observation can, sometimes literally, save the day. To watch live footage of this personal growth adventure with a turtle, click to see the YouTube Grow Show. Subscribe to the show here.

Life happens regardless of plans.

No matter how well thought-out our endeavors, life may neither consult, nor agree with what we have planned for our day. The question is, will we choose to act based on our plans, or will we choose to act based on what we notice arising within and around us in this moment?

Talking over nature.

Have you ever been with someone who talked over you or wasn’t listening or interested in what you had to say? Did he or she act in ways that impacted you, without noticing or caring? Many of us talk over, ignore and disregard nature. If we ignore what nature’s plants, animals, earth, wind, fire and water are communicating to us, we are talking over nature. By being consumed with our own thoughts, we don’t notice the vital information that they are communicating.

Start communicating with nature by shifting within.

Like us, nature expresses and communicates. By observing ourself within nature (and therefore our connection to it), we become open and receptive to her messages. By seeing that all life is worthy of respect, we humble ourselves to listen. By thanking all elements (earth, air, fire, water, akash), plants and animals for supporting us with its willingness and beauty, we shift our inner arrogance into acceptance and open the “lines” of communication.

How does communication with nature work?

Nature’s messages arrive through all things natural—plants, animals, air, water, earth, sky, and the senses of our body, which is made of (and will return to) earth. These messages are sent for the wellbeing of all. Nature sends us messages which are intended to guide us to what we need to know in each moment. These messages may be received through all forms of intuition—sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and more.

Decades of communication with nature guided me to “save” a huge turtle!

I regularly give thanks for my communication with nature. Just as knowing first aid can save us from death, knowing how to communicate with nature can too.

A deadly snare.

Her slick-brown, algae-covered shell spanned two feet. Her paws were the size of a teenager’s mitten and covered in dark-grey, wrinkly, reptile skin. All four of them donned black claws the size of a Great Dane. Her nose was pointed, with nostrils the size of nail heads and placed perfectly upon the tip. Her eyes were golden yellow. She had no lips that I could see, but around her, was a necklace of clear, plastic fishing line, balled up with a one-half inch, cobalt blue, woven plastic rope. It was taut to the bottom of the lake.

All this I learned through observation of her behavior. Watching nature for decades now, I know that turtles do not swim in an 8-foot circle and list to one side when “all is well.” The chances of her becoming free of the fishing line on her own were small for sure. And, because I am able to communicate with nature, I knew that she wanted help to get free.

Observation, communication and courageous action improve wellbeing.

I chose to not do what I planned to do at that moment. Instead, I chose to observe the turtle. I chose to communicate with the turtle. I chose to courageously overcome my fear of being injured by the turtle. And I chose to enter the water beside her and cut the line from around her neck. And the turtle was freed.

Will You?

No one can learn to observe and communicate with nature for us. And the more messages we receive and follow up with action-in-kind, the more real-life magic and freedom we will all experience!

If you’d like a fresh perspective on your experience as you learn to communicate with nature and receive intuitive guidance, explore how a complimentary conversation or a package of conversations can invigorate your growth.

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