Let us not discredit Nature

for her willingness to nurture

what it is we’re drawn to do

may often be our fortune true.

This week, the Will You Grow show features additional, bonus content about a trip to Mountain Light Sanctuary outside Asheville, NC. During my time there, I became aware of past events that I had not fully processed, and I had a fresh opportunity to integrate those experiences. To watch and hear about this trip, please click here and subscribe to the show here. To read this week’s article, scroll down!

Nature isn’t static.

Like us, Nature moves, changes, grows and communicates. We are not separate from what we call nature. By being aware of ourself within nature (and therefore our connection to it), we become open and receptive to her messages.

What are intuitive breadcrumbs?

Nature’s messages arrive through all things natural—plants, animals, air, water, earth, sky, and the senses of our body, which is made of (and will return to) Earth. These messages are sent for our wellbeing. I call these messages intuitive breadcrumbs. Like in the Grimms’ tale, the evil witch placed a breadcrumb trail for hungry Hansel and Gretel to follow into the forest and into her oven. However, unlike the witch’s evil breadcrumb trail, Nature’s breadcrumb trail of intuitive messages are intended to guide us to what our soul needs to know at that moment. Examples of intuitive breadcrumbs will be different for everyone, as we all receive information differently. For example, when a bluebird appears, it may represent continued faith in ourself and our dreams to one person, while to another person, it may mean something else.

Practice makes possible.

If we’d like to open and enhance our connection and reception with nature’s messages, there are a few things we can do. We might apply what we learn from the nature outside, to our inner experience. Like the example with the bluebird, we might observe within, to see where we may be doubtful or lacking faith that our own dreams will be realized. We might notice whether we are nourishing or neglecting our own dreams. We might ask ourself questions internally, such as, “What lessons can the bluebird teach me about leading the life of my dreams?” All of these are gateways to personal growth—learning the applicable life lessons for our current moment.

Application makes magic!

When we receive messages, the most important, valuable and respectful thing we may do for ourself, nature and life, is to act upon the intuitive wisdom we receive. We may all be able to relate to moments when we “knew better,” but didn’t “do better.” When we observe and/or experience an intuitive message, it is up to us to implement the complementary action. As we take actions that are aligned with the messages we receive, Nature takes note. (It is alive, after all :-). And it will respond in kind. It will send more messages. Because, like us, we may all be able to relate to saying something valuable to someone, which went unheeded. They ignored our message, thought they knew better, did not respect our wisdom, and may have fallen into danger or made a fool of themselves. We’ve all been there. But let’s not stay there, because the more messages we receive and follow up with action-in-kind, the more real-life magic we will experience!

Will You?

No one can observe, listen and act on intuitive guidance for us. And when we do, we can grow, and learn to love life, ourself and others more fully—and experience a co-creative life of wonder and “magic!”

If you’d like a fresh perspective on your experience as you learn to observe, listen and act upon intuitive guidance, explore how a complimentary conversation or a package of conversations can invigorate your growth.

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