Difficult discussions

Leave tangles and webs

Healing Mother Nature

Cures all left unsaid.

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We are nature.

We are not separate from what we call nature. Our hair is like the leaves on a tree. Our bodies are like tree trunks. We reciprocally inhale what the plants exhale. We feed on nature’s fruits, then nourish her soil with our process. We need each other to survive. We aren’t just a part of nature, we are nature! 

To observe nature is to observe ourself.

What we observe outside in nature, reflects the state of our inner nature. We are drawn to see what we see, and it’s different for everyone. Law enforcement has long known, that two people can observe exactly same scene at the same time, and observe different things. The same applies to what each of us observes in nature. By being willing to observe, and noticing what comes to our awareness, we can learn much about ourself.

Observation is a gateway to personal growth.

If we observe a bluebird, we might notice what it is doing, how it is expressing itself, its surroundings. We might look up the metaphysical meaning of bluebirds or buy Ted Andrews’ book, Animal Speak, and learn what bluebirds represent—continued faith in ourself and our dreams. Then we might apply what we learn from the nature outside to our inner experience. We might observe within, to see where we may be doubtful or lacking faith that our own dreams will be realized. We might notice whether we are nourishing or neglecting our own dreams. We might ask ourself questions internally, such as, “What lessons can the bluebird teach me about leading the life of my dreams?” All of these are gateways to personal growth—learning the applicable life lessons for our current moment.

Are you ready to observe and learn about yourself through nature?

If so, ask yourself the following four questions. Then, observe both outer and inner nature with kind curiosity to learn, grow and give yourself what you need.

  1. What did you notice in the outside world today?
  2. How were you personally affected by what you noticed?
  3. What did you feel?
  4. How can you care for your feelings in healthy ways?

What affects us shows our inner nature!

If we observe things that evoke feelings of stress, anxiety, hurt, pain, resistance, etc., good! The observation itself is healing. By being aware that we’ve been affected, we have the power to care for our feelings by a) continuing to observe them with kindness and curiosity and b) nourishing them in healthy ways that feel supportive.

How can we care for our feelings?

To consciously observe our feelings is a significant part of health and healing. When we are free to observe our feelings without inner criticism or shame, our body and mind are free to move through the emotions as if they are clouds in the sky.

To nourish our feelings with healthy life choices is an ongoing learning experience of how to love ourself more. We might replace sugar with honey. We might walk instead of drive. We might write a letter instead of text. We might make a salad for dinner instead of eating fast food.

To promote our ability to observe and care for ourself …

We can choose to be free from exterior chemicals, prescription drugs, internal warfare of “bad habits” and stressful relationships. However, if we’re not ready to observe at that level, we can start small, one step at a time.

Will You?

No one can observe for us. Are we willing to become kindly curious about outer and inner nature? By doing so, we can grow, and learn to love life, ourself and others more fully. Let us know how applying today’s concepts works for you! We enjoy hearing from you. 🙂

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